Clean, old-fashioned scoring

Somebody thought it was a good idea to put together a clip of every point Georgia’s scored against Georgia Tech during the Richt era.

Well, whadda you know?  It is.

It’s an hour and six minutes long.  Blame the ’02 game for that.



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17 responses to “Clean, old-fashioned scoring

  1. Rival

    Oh my god thank you for this.


  2. Russ

    God bless the internet. I seriously mean that.


  3. Timphd

    Great! But boy do we kick a LOT of field goals.


    • SouthGaDawg

      The video is so long because Billy Bennett kicked so dang many field goals back then. Maybe there is a video on YouTube with just BB field goals. Also, I’m still in awe of the NFL talent (not just guys that made the league – talking about guys that sustained in the league) that UGA has fielded over the years w/out winning a BCSNC. Maybe that’s changing with the new D regime.


  4. uglydawg

    I’m generally opposed to “kicking ’em while they’re down” but when it comes to GT you’ve gotta use that hob nailed boot as often and as cruelly as you can…because if and when it gets on the other foot…for even one game…..we’ll all get our fill in a hurry. .


    • gastr1

      Just need to do it because they’re a bunch of whiny little brother bitches on a 24-7 basis. That’s all the reason I need.



    Bound to be a big hit on Stingtalk.


    • Dog in Fla

      Where the 2008-2013 portion of “University of Georgia vs. Georgia Tech – All Points Scored by UGA (2001-2013)” is called Portrait of a Genius


  6. Athens Dog

    Watched the whole thing. Lots of sad yellow people.


  7. @gatriguy

    Man, I forgot what a complete dismantling that 02 game was.


  8. Nate Dawg

    I heart Billy Bennett. And I almost forgot.


  9. I Wanna Red Cup

    Thank you Senator. What a great way to end a nice weekend. And to all you Bullpups out there, yes ,we want to beat the stinkin yaller jackets every year, every sport, every time. What we need now is a video of the Reggie Ball years to show the 4 ways he lost to us.


    • Dawg in Beaumont

      The Reggie video would be fun, here’s the way I remember each one:

      03-Odell got WAY into his head and Reggie shoved a UGA coach on the sideline then got a concussion later in the game. I’ve had some Tech friends say they think Chan made up the concussion story to cover for him and that Gaily really took him out of the game for being such a chump and shoving the coach. Classy move by Gailey if that is the truth

      04-The most well known Reggie game probably. Throws the ball out of bounds while being chased on 4th and 17 under a minute left

      05-Tech driving to tie it up in Atlanta, Reggie throws a pick, Dawgs win again. We’d stomp LSU in the SEC title game the next week. Shockley is my favorite Dawg player of all time

      06-Tech came in ranked in the top 20, headed to the ACC title game the following week. We’d struggled that year, losing to Kentucky and Vandy. Stafford engineers a late drive with the game winning TD pass to MoMass. Reggie ends any chance of GT miracle by throwing an INT to Paul Oliver. It was my senior year in Athens and the student section had a beautiful RE-GGIE RE-GGIE RE-GGIE chant going.

      Thanks for the memories, Reggie!


      • I Wanna Red Cup

        Hard to pick a favorite. Throwing the ball away not knowing it was 4 th down was a classic. And the INT the next year was also priceless- instead of throwing to the best player on the field, Calvin Johnson, on a fade, which we could not defend, he threw a weak out our CB snatched. I have a friend who wears a GT Ball # 1 jersey to the Tech game, with a DAWG hat, screaming Go Dawgs. It takes most of the genius Tech fans a few minutes to get it.


  10. Best comment I’ve seen on Twitter said something to the effect of “Can’t wait to see the response from Tech fans. Will be at least a couple of Vine’s long”. LOL

    (For those who don’t know, Vine has a maximum clip length of 7 seconds)


  11. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Also known as: your average college football game in 2020


  12. Rp

    Does anyone have CPJ’s email address so i can email the link?