Robbing the cradle

“LSU is a top program, and Zadock has liked LSU for a long time,” Johan Dinkelmann said. “What kid at his age with dreams and aspirations wouldn’t commit to a program like that? It’s a tremendous opportunity. It was an opportunity that we, as his parents, wouldn’t let him pass up if that’s what he wanted.”

Spoken like the proud father of a 14-year old kid who hasn’t played a down of varsity high school football (and won’t this season, either).

Every time I read stories like this, I keep thinking Andy Staples has the right idea.


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8 responses to “Robbing the cradle

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    ‘Zadock’? Who the hell names a kid Zadock?


  2. Ricky McDurden

    Guess nobody told dad that a verbal commitment at the age of fourteen does nothing but make him and is son look like assholes for four years. Meanwhile, LSU can drop him like the offer never happened if a hotter commodity comes along. Oh, to be young, dumb, and father to a teenager.


  3. Ol Dawg

    I’ve seen a few 8th-graders that I could have sworn looked like future all-pros. Most of them, I never heard of again. For my money, Buck Belue probably peaked at Valdosta High, though when he was there, he was a sure-fire future Tom Brady (of course, Brady wasn’t even Brady back then).Yes, I know he won a national title at Georgia, but he completed, I recall, one pass in the game. DGD, but not a particularly talented college QB. How can you accurately judge a 14-year-old skill player, when rating 17- or 18-year-old is such a gamble?


  4. Nashville West

    Anybody besides me wonder if the whole NCAA ought to go D III and have no scholarships. Might be interesting to see real students play against each other.