“This guy’s just a winner here.”

Nice interview with Aaron Murray at the NFL combine, during which he talks about his college career, his preparation for the next level, playing against SEC defenses, etc.



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7 responses to ““This guy’s just a winner here.”

  1. Atticus

    Give him the defenses Greene had and he would be all-time….not even close.


  2. Timphd

    Having a hard time believing he will not go until late rounds. According to wizards like McShay he is not likely to go until 4th or 5th round. Somebody will get a steal. Good kid. DGD.


    • I agree. He was picked as a third rounder before he got hurt. I think Murray will be fine if he goes in the 4th or 5th round. 30 to 100 grand or more signing bonus and what is the minimum rookie salary in 2014? 300 or 500 grand. Hard to believe he won’t make a team. I expect to see him follow in Pollacks footsteps post pro career. Only he will be more of a homer than David has been. 😉 He is pretty polished young man. Fun to watch . DGD.


  3. Macallanlover

    No one seems to be able to project CFB quarterbacks’ success in the NFL given the history of epic fails for Round 1 picks and surprising success for unknowns/undrafted QBs. Murray seems as good a bet as anyone but you cannot blame teams for being skeptical with questions about height and injury recuperation. With what we have seen from him, he is a guy we would place in the Top 5 QBs, but he will get his shot to show them wrong if he falls that far in the draft. I cannot deny I want him back at UGA on the sideline, or in the booth, but for the sake of his achieving his dream I first want him to succeed in the NFL and prove the skeptics wrong.


  4. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Conventional wisdom dominates in the NFL. Unfortunately, it sounds like Murray is going to have to exceed some people’s expectations, which also means he is going to have to be given a chance to do so. From a distance, he doesn’t appear to fit either of the two molds the NFL seems to prefer right now in QBs. The good news: I could see a quality front office spending a 3rd or 4th to have him play back-up to an established starter. For example, he would be a significant upgrade at back-up for Green Bay, San Fran and Seattle. Long-term, that might be a better career path than some of these guys getting thrown to the wolves behind bad offensive lines in cookie-cutter offensive schemes. Murray can be an NFL starter, but a lot of factors beyond his control are stacked against him right now.


  5. I’d love to hear someone’s reasoned take on why Drew Brees would be drafted with the first pick of the second round and AM would last through the fourth round or later. I saw very little of Brees at Purdue and I am obviously biased with Murray but I can’t comprehend the widespread gap seen between the two in NFL potential. Aaron Murray is/was a professional playing the college game, learning from two very good QB coaches and is going to make some GM look like a genius if he falls to the 4th or 5th round. I just hope he doesn’t get snake-bit and fall so far that all he does is hold a clipboard and never gets the chance.