Today’s trivia question

Can you name the only Georgia football player who managed to score a touchdown in each of five seasons?

The answer is here.


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11 responses to “Today’s trivia question

  1. My guess was Tav King, close but no cigar.

    • GaskillDawg

      King was the guy I thought of when I read the question. The when I read your post I figured it was not him so Wooten was my second choice.

  2. Gaskilldawg

    Rantaveous Wooten?

  3. DugLite

    Why won’t/can’t UGA update Damien Gary’s return yards to include the 20 yarder versus Utah State?

  4. Ol Dawg

    Ronnie Stewart. I liked that guy.

  5. diving duck

    That was one positive about the injuries at wide receiver this year was getting to watch Wooten make a lot of gutsy plays. A testament to remarkable depth that he started the season so far down the depth chart. Wasn’t it Wooten who caught a big touchdown pass a few years ago then the coaches came out afterwards and said he wasn’t even supposed to be on the field?