Fresh start

There’s only one thing I don’t get about this list – if Alabama indeed reloads and not rebuilds each year, shouldn’t it be at the end?


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10 responses to “Fresh start

  1. But Senator, my crystal ball tells me that the Tide will have terrible attrition between now and fall practice…….

    • Part of the reloading process, my friend. Kind of like clearing out the weeds so the grass can grow.😉

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Has it occurred to anyone that in Tideville someone might clear out some grass and keep some weeds by mistake? That may have already happened last year, hence 2 losses. Just sayin.’ 🙂

  2. Ben

    I’m not sure how you preview Alabama’s season and not mention Derrick Henry at all.

  3. Keese

    Not that it matters…but did Malcome Mitchell qualify for a medical redshirt?

  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Guy works in Columbia, MO…all he knows is what he reads in the paper and what Tony tells him.

  5. “The Alabama football program is like a garden; it must be pruned.”

    Chauncey Gardner

  6. Actually, The Bear knew all about pruning many years ago.