Jeff Long sure can pick ’em.

Stewart Mandel declares that “With Lane Kiffin now muzzled as a member of Nick Saban’s staff at Alabama, Bielema is threatening to replace him as college football’s most reviled figure.”


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  1. mdcgtp

    Umm….I think we are a bit ahead of Stewart around here as we had the Bielema is an ass-clown discussion last week.

    He will be fired within three years. I have no idea if the first comment in response is an actual Arkansas fan or a Wisconsin troll, but there were whispers by UW fans about him being seen “drinking heavily” (whatever that means exactly) in public reasonably frequently. If true, three years will prove too long.

    • And there will be quite a few who can enjoy their accuracy after having called that poor fit and rude awakening of SEC culture after he left the cushy comforts of Wisconsin and the machine Barry Alvarez built.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Bielema is an idiot. He had it made at Wisconsin–a winning program built by someone else, the guy who built it as AD to make sure Bielema had anything he needed to assure his success, a big paycheck. Then he self-destructed. He left to take a job in the most competitive environment in all of CFB. This is what happens when a coach starts believing his own BS. I gave him 3 years when he got hired and I have seen nothing to cause me to change my opinion.

        • Whoa!! Not so fast Mayor. Note that the full amount Bielema is getting is $3.2 million per year for six years (2019). That’s a good bump from the 2.5 million extension from Wisconsin thru 2016. That’s 750,000 a year on the plus side for 6 years. That’s a 4.5 million dollar swing. Sign me up. Gee! and I thought SOD’s contract lawyer had some chops.

          • Dog in Fla

            “lawyer had some chops.”


            “Some of Cornrich’s best work is detectable in less glamorous places,”


            • gastr1

              I been sayingl Bielema was a grade-A douchebag when he first got hired at Coach Douchebag U. Just glad to see everyone else finally caught up, LOL

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            If Bielema had stayed at Wisconsin and won another Big 10 Championship they would have bumped him to over $3 Mil per and he could have stayed as long as he liked. At Arky he’s gone after 3 years (although maybe getting paid for 6) and he’s wrecked his career. Also, he had better watch the drinking and what he says/does publicly, not to mention Jen. The Arkies will be looking to ditch him on a morals charge to get out of the last 3 years of payments a la Mike Leach and Texas Tech.

  2. Spike

    ..”most reviled”? He may make the quarter finals of the “douche-off”. Ahead of him in the rankings (according to Spike) are Corch, The Ole Ball Sack, Kiffey and Tubbs..

  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    It’s a little early to declare Junior ‘muzzled.’

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      If anyone in the media talks to Kiffin, they get banned and sent to a re-education camp. Simple, really.

  4. That will be hard to do, cause you know he will find a way to make a stupid statement.

  5. Porter Osborne Jr.

    Unless Bret kicks Uga in the snout I’ll always hate Kiffin more.