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If you look up Chantastic in the dictionary…

You can change the coaches, you can change the quarterbacks, you can change the schemes and it won’t matter one bit.  Georgia Tech football will remain just a tick north of mediocre.

Some programs aren’t built to be conference and national contenders but have found a groove at or just outside the Top 25 that has produced regular bowl appearances and just enough victories to keep coaches in place for a long time.

That last part is music to my ears.  Long may the genius run.


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The results are in.

It looks like Bert’s done a pretty crappy sales job with the 10-second substitution proposal.

Man, and it used to be that a “do it for the children” pitch made for a slam dunk.  I wonder if he’s still as certain as he was that the rule will pass March 6.


UPDATE:  More details here.


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Yeah, this’ll work.


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Just because a market is free doesn’t mean it has to make sense.

Here’s a classic “one of these is unlike the others” moment for ya’.


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I ain’t drunk. I’m just watching a football game.

Texas is about to go there.

I do like this aside:

The bigger concerns surround post-game drunk driving and the possibility for high levels of intoxication, especially at football games, where some sections of the stadium are known for having a consistently high level of intoxicated fans who are disruptive and have to leave the game, some times because they need medical attention.

If they’re intoxicated when they get there…


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Talk about your nail in the religious liberty argument.

I can’t think of a better rebuttal to those anti-gay bills being considered in certain portions of the country than this.

Former television college football analyst Craig James is complaining to the state that his firing by Fox Sports Southwest was an act of religious discrimination.

In a statement issued Tuesday by the Plano, Texas-based Liberty Institute, James alleges a national Fox Sports spokesman told The Dallas Morning News that James was terminated from Fox Sports Southwest for religious beliefs against same-sex marriage.

I didn’t know that being a consummate asshole was a religious preference.


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“Plays like a blind dog in a meat market”

Evidently, Dee Ford polished his smack talking skills under the watchful eye of Brian VanGorder.

At least he got something out of that season.


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