Envy and jealousy, babes in the woods edition

I got a kick out of this piece mocking the offers that are going out to kids who haven’t played a down of varsity high school football yet.  Particularly this bit:

“It seemed like just yesterday that Nick Saban `accidentally’ walked in on me at my obstetrician’s office while I was getting my sonogram. He took one look at the image on the picture, well actually two looks because he wanted to make sure it was a boy, and just started muttering, `Look at the size of those hands. They are bigger than his head.'”

It’s the “two looks” that made this a winner.  LOL.

(h/t MrSEC)


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5 responses to “Envy and jealousy, babes in the woods edition

  1. Rp

    Somewhere out there a UGA recruitnick is pissed we didn’t offer that fetus first. Just letting Saban swoop in first and get all the good talent.


  2. Russ

    One of the better CFB articles I’ve read recently. Good satire.


  3. fatman48

    Doctor walks into the examination room and says ” Coach Saban I’m not a proctologist, however I do know an ASSHOLE when I see one!


  4. LDawg

    I bet that was a home-grown Georgia fetus. UGA just can’t keep in-state talent at home.


  5. Dog in Fla

    How Hackerdog would have provided an alternate ending:

    “First off, …please call me Junebug, everyone else does,” June said. “And we all kind of anticipated this day was coming….

    “But the best thing he did was the way he offered me my orders and it happened even before his home visit.

    “I was here in class (3rd Grade, not 7th Grade) and I felt a tap on my shoulder. This girl I reallllly like — no, I’m not going to tell y’all her name — hands me this piece of paper that was folded into the shape of a paper bayonet.

    “I unfold it and it read, `Did the Yankees attack Fort Sumter? Circle yes, no, maybe.’

    “How can I say no' ormaybe’ to someone who I know will make history crazy fun?”