Honey, they’re playing our song!

I don’t know whether Greg McGarity is simply screwing with us now, or if he’s sincerely concerned about what he perceives as a big problem facing the football program.  Either way, I think this qualifies as a just shoot me now moment:

“We don’t have a go-to song,” McGarity said. “We don’t have a song right now that our fans, when they hear it, act like some of the fans of other schools when they hear their songs. We’ve never really had a go-to song or something people hear that makes them react in a certain way.”

You’ve never really had something people hear that makes them react in a certain way?  Oh, I don’t know about that.


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  1. Billy King

    Clisby Clark’s Bulldog Bite from the early 80’s comes to mind as a song we had as a “go to.”

  2. TennesseeDawg

    Given the current climate in college football, this would be appropriate

    • 202dawg

      “Given the current climate at Butts-Mehre…’ FIFY

    • 81Dog

      in order to satisfy the musical tastes of our whining slacker student body, we probably need something at least mildly hip hop. You know all those kids from the mean streets of east Cobb and Hamilton Mill want to keep it real, yo.

      Therefore, in order to acknowledge your point about the current AD priorities, while staying at least somewhat more musically relevant, I nominate “Must Be The Money” by famous rapper Deion Sanders.

      hey, at least it’s from within the last 20 years.🙂

  3. Bulldog Joe

    “bada bing bada boom bada bing bada boom”

    This will not end well.

  4. cbauga

    In the very few away games i’ve been to I must admit I am jealous of the way a good rap song, or some other popular upbeat tempo song comes on the PA and makes the atmosphere better. Their fans and players get jacked and the increase of emotion is palpable. Then I start bobbing my head too…

    Then again i’m a millennial and like a wide variety of music including rap so to each his own. YYYYYYYYEEEEAAAAAHHH!

  5. Saturday ain’t game day until I’ve heard this a few times.

  6. Doug

    The sad thing is, McGarity’s an alum. He knows better than this.

  7. Ralph

    If he is looking for the Pavlov’s dog reaction he has to train the students and alumni. When will the classes start?

  8. Bulldog Joe

    Vintage Channel 17. More than a few high school classmates danced on the show.

  9. Fortunately we have turned this around. RIcht is 5-8 against the Gators and gaining. He is 9-4 against uT!

    During CMR career to date.
    Georgia 8 uSC 5
    Georgia 4 LSU 3
    Georgia 8 Barners 5 (over last 8 years Georgia is 6-2 and so close to 7-1)
    One of my favorite games. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRJ-if-MBug
    Georgia 3 Alabama 2 (…and so close to 4-1 and that Crystal football)

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Wait, wait…you forget the all-important record with the North Avenue Trade School, Homes… some of us are mighty proud of that. 🙂

    • 81Dog

      He’s actually close to adding another win against AU in 2005. That is the second most galling loss of the Richt era. We all know who the new champ in that category is. Wasn’t the 2005 game the one where “4th and Willie” actually became a real (and really PAINFUL) thing?

      • Yes. The crack became visible there, but the West F’n Virginia Sugar Bowl was where the WTF became painfully obvious. I really hate Auburn. The 1999 game, the 2001 game, the 2005 game, and the 2013 game are emotional scars from which I will never recover.

        • dudetheplayer

          What about the 2010 game where they were intentionally trying to injure our QB and then proceeded to celebrate and justify the behavior?

          Let’s not forget that one.

          • JonDawg

            I was there in 05, shell-shocked as I left Sanford, and as bad as that hurt (really set in the next day..) the 2010 game had my blood boiling, watching at my Dad’s house with some family. I had literally told my wife (girlfriend then lol) earlier that week that I didn’t hate Auburn, not near as much as UF (was killing us), UT (fresh off of the Kiffy promise. God I wish he would’ve stayed one more year, so we could’ve fed him that promise..), Bama (does anyone really like Saban?) and especially GT (was also in attendance in 08 and watched us blow a 16 pt lead when it started raining). After that pathetic sportsmanship shown by AU players (starting with Cam’s punch/stiff arm of Rambo, out of bounds, progressing throughout the rest of the game) and AU coaches. Couple that with blatant cheating to win a MNF, and then getting away with it, I want to destroy them every single time we play, like we did in 11, and 12

            • I want to destroy them (Auburn) every single time we play, like we did in 11, and 12.

              Same here. The Farley game did it for me, and I never quite hated Auburn before. Maybe hate isn’t the word, but it’s close. I want to destroy them.

              Thinking about that Farley game gets my blood boiling every time. It won’t go away. Not only the Auburn coaches, but the officials allowed Farley to do that. I doubt anybody here can imagine SEC officials letting one of our players get away with that for a whole game.

              I mean, it wasn’t that clandestine. Anybody with two eyes who’s ever played a football game could see what Farley was doing, even when there was no call, even when it wasn’t obvious to the casual observer. And he did it the whole game.

              Murray still has the scar from the cut under his chin, a deliberate act if there ever was one. We need a close-up, good pic of that scar to use for Auburn week. EVERY year.


    • Dawg with no fleas

      Which lsu loss are you not counting the 2 in 2003, the refs screwing us in 2009 (because when you think of taunting, you think of AJ) or getting blown out in the seccg of 2012?

  10. Spike

    James Brown. The Godfather of Soul.. The Hardest Working Man in Show Business.. Dooley’s Junkyard Dogs…

  11. Scorpio Jones, III

    I guess Greg is trying, desperately, to relate to the younger crowd, who apparently, in the mind of Greg McGarity, does not know the words to any of the Georgia songs mentioned above…can’t you run YouTube on the Jumbo-tron, Greg?

    Man, when does spring ball start?

  12. RobDawg

    The closing line of the article says it best – so give the crowd something exciting on the field and the noise will follow. Our redcoat band can strike up a couple tunes and it’s enough to pump me up to feel like I could run through a brick wall. Would a Metallica or Def Leppard tune do that?? Not for me…

  13. Scorpio Jones, III

    And, from 1980 and beyond:

  14. HVL Dawg

    Greg McGarity is now a cartoon character. Is thee any way we can forgive Joel Evans?

    • stoopnagle

      Well, you know, the lyrics are about SEX, so we can’t be having that. Granny doesn’t care if you just played the riff and not any of the lyrics. She googled it and it’s disgusting.

      So, that pretty much limits anything GM can blare at 5 million decibels during a timeout in the middle of the Charleston Southern game. #hype

      • Normaltown Mike

        Funny you mention that, but I knew many “mature” people that were singing and dancing to that without any idea of how profane the content of the song was. One in particular was a particularly stuffy old money friend of mine from South Georgia. I didn’t have the heart to tell her what she was dancing to.

        • Dog in Fla

          You should have. Never underestimate women from South Georgia. Maybe she could have taught you a lesson or two, you young whippersnapper.

  15. S

    Here’s our go-to song:

  16. I suppose it depends on what reaction you are going for, but this one seems relevant:

    Metallica – For Whom the Bell Tolls

    Also, Breaking the Law – Judas Priest, Smokin’ by Boston, and Disposable Heroes – Metallica are also relevant, but not in the way McGarity is looking for.

  17. SC dawg

    I liked your suggestion of “Atomic Dog”, butt if we’re going to go back in time how about George Thurgood’s “Bad to the Bone”? But I really think UGA needs to get something more upbeat and fast – something more current – that would fire up the fans. Wish SC hadn’t come up with “Sandstorm” because that’s a fantastic song to get the fans fired up and it certainly works in William Brice Stadium – unfortunately. When that comes on the entire stadium is up and jumping and waving their towels – and soooo loud. And it is played many times during their games and more often than not keeps the momentum of the game with them.

    In might not be the best venue – but maybe they could try some tunes out at the G-Day game – I think there will be a bigger crowd there than usual due to the new coaches. But again, it’s hard to get that fired up and loud at G-Day since we’re not in a real game with real rivals.

    At the UGA/LSU game last year I thought it looked really good in person in the stadium when the entire stadium was provided the red shakers and everyone put them to use. I watched the game again on TV and it was very impressive looking on TV all those red shakers and the loud fans. But UGA really needs something like “Sandstorm” to get the entire stadium rocking.

    I live in SC among many gamecocks – friends and enemies – so Sandstorm is played a lot at various places (not just football games) and they get fired up just hearing it and I really have to watch myself because I want to start jumping and dancing along with them – but do use some self-control because now “it’s the Gamecocks’ song” as much as their entrance song “2001” is “their song”.

    • Otto

      I’ll add bad bad LeeRoy Brown meaner than a Junkyard Dog.

      Auburn plays “Eye of the Tiger”, “Living on a Prayer” various motown songs. I’d like to see UGA do more songs like that. Fun upbeat song most of us know majority of the lyrics to.

  18. Otto

    I actually partially agree with him this time. The UGA band hasn’t been playing music that gets the fans going and I seem to remember the band play more variety and things that didn’t belong in church sunday back in the 80s. Playing Hunker Down Hairy Dawg would be a good start. It isn’t just the student but the entire fan base. Krypton just doesn’t do it.

    • Normaltown Mike

      To be fair, the band has is controlled by the Athletic Dept and they have sold so many commercials that the band has very little time that they are allowed to play.

      I sit in the East endzone and if you watch the director he is frequently waiting for some signal before he strikes up the band. When and SEC visitor brings their band, you’ll note that they will generally disregard some of these rules and play when they please.

      I personally find the band to be excellent and wish they had a free hand in playing more. They’ve shown a willingness to play old standards (“Leroy Brown”, “Hunker Down”), borrow from other bands (“Hey Baby” was introduced by LSU at the ’04 game I believe) and add new stuff (White Stripes & Yung Wun).

      The players appear to like it too.

      • tess

        The Redcoats play Shout It Out after wins after Beethoven’s “Hymn to Joy” and before their post-game concert (or whenever the players come over to thank the band post-game). They play Turn It Up during some tv timeouts when the defense is on the field.

        Between defensive plays, they do Leroy Brown, and have half a dozen partial Bulldog Bite pieces throughout the game–the bridge to that one will get stuck in your head for days.

        The Redcoats are doing what they can.

  19. AusDawg85

    Let me get this straight. Our PROBLEM is UGA fans don’t get fired-up on crucial downs in Sanford Stadium? And the solution is to find some 10 – 20 second sound bite of piped-in music? Got it. Thanks for fixing this. At least we can put to rest…once and for all…whether or not our lack of a MNC under Richt’s tenure is his fault.

    Mark Richt has lost control of the fans.

  20. Dog in Fla

    As part of Greg’s never-ending search for a go-to tune, he wakes up each morning with visions of sugarplums and go-go girls in his head

  21. Old DAWG

    Jerry Seinfeld.
    Elaine: “You’re right! We need to find our song…”

    Fitting, since this seems like a joke. Da-gum – we look like fools.

  22. stoopnagle

    Atomic Dog would be cool.

    The Redcoats have done a great job incorporating Cee Lo Green’s “Georgia” into the mix. Love that song.

    On their last album, R.E.M. has a song “All the Best” that I think would work well on a number of levels, but then I really like R.E.M.

    I’ve also heard some pretty awesome re-edits of “Finest Worksong” that could be pretty cool.

  23. Otto

    I’d rather hear Hunker Down Hairy Dawg than Krypton going into the 4th

  24. TomReagan

    These provoke an emotional response in me.

  25. SC dawg

    Can’t go back too far in time – there aren’t that many pump it up songs back in the day – something current that gets the stadium rocking is what UGA needs – it starts with the students – and if UGA plays something or pipes something in they don’t get fired up with – they are just going to sit there. I think that’s why Sandstorm took a life of its own at Wms Brice – not just with the students but the older fans, too.
    There’s a song that UGA just got started playing a year or so ago – I think it’s “Sweet Caroline” or something like that – that’s awful for a UGA football game – very old timey/fashioned – and I’m not a youngster.
    Krypton is UGA’s song – and it’s a great tradition – but it’s only for the start of the 4th quarter. Sanford Stadium needs something lively – something that makes us want to jump up and down and wave the shakers or whatever – to be played throughout the game – before KO, after TDS, after stopping the other team, after other team fumbles or UGA intercepts passs, etc. etc.
    If we are going to go back in time – I suggest one of the favorite college tunes – that never goes out of style – “Shout”. The band could do that or it could be piped in – not the entire song – just what I think would be the chorus “jump up and shout now” which is repeated several times – and could also get the fans to start quiet (as in the song), with the “jump up and shout”, and then the phrase “a little bit louder now” and it gets louder and louder. I know this has always been a popular party song – with everyone jumping up – with the phrase “jump up and shout now”. Just a thought.

    • Normaltown Mike

      Sweet Caroline has taken on a life of its own with young people. If you go to a wedding with people in their 20’s, you’ll see them sing along with this (along with Journey’s “Don’t Stop”).

      I know some guys from New England that told me singing “Sweet Caroline” was a standard bar tune back in the 90’s as a tongue in cheek mocking of Neil Diamond. Most people up there were familiar with Neil b/c he was a real hit with their parents.

      I grew up in the South and, aside from “Coming to America”, was totally unfamiliar with ole Neil.

      Journey is a great example of a band that I would never sing along to because I couldn’t stand them when they were at their peak. I think younger people can laugh them off while singing along.

  26. 202dawg

    I know it’s an LSU vid, but this song always struck me as good one for game day. Has a great name, message, etc etc. Plus the hook is kinda spooky…

    • Bulldog Joe

      Just don’t ask them to play “Neck”.

    • Always Someone Else's Fault

      Paranoia is in bloom,
      The PR transmissions will resume,
      They’ll try to push drugs that keep us all dumbed down,
      And hope that we will never see the truth around
      (So come on)
      Another promise, another scene,
      Another packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed,
      And all the green belts wrapped around our minds,
      And endless red tape to keep the truth confined
      (So come on)

      Actually, sort of does fit the NCAA.

  27. FranklinTNDawg

    Greg McGarity: “Furthermore, you are to stick to normal modes of music, not wild stuff. Those we would find acceptable here would include Lawrence Welk, Jim Nabors, Mantovani.”
    CMR: “Percy Faith?”
    Greg McGarity: “Percy Faith. Good!”
    CMR: “Okay.”
    Greg McGarity: “Andy Willims, Perry Como and certain ballads by Mr. Frank Sinatra.”
    CMR: “Would Bob Dylan be out of line?”
    Greg McGarity: “Way, way, way out of line.”

  28. Dog in Fla

    Some think finding a go-to song is easy. It’s not.

    In fact, to reach the hearts and minds of the kids needed to fill the empty seats in the student section, Greg hired a work-study unpaid intern from the Honors Program to come up with some ideas and make a report.

    All Greg got was a VERY NSFW home or anywhere else remix with a good beat having something to do with downtown Athens, Jimmy Williamson’s boys and a general feeling of happiness after which Greg terminated the intern with prejudice

  29. SC dawg

    I stand corrected on the “Sweet Caroline” – didn’t know it was that popular. I do like Neil Diamond but didn’t think 20 year olds or college kids of today identified with him or his songs. Maybe I started disliking Sweet Caroline because Carolina folks over here played it a lot since they identified with it as in Caroline(a). I grew up in the safety net of Athens and grad from UGA – away from opposing fans and it’s really tough living amongst Gamecocks.
    Any function or party I go to over here – if it’s a DJ playing or band, Sandstorm is played – and as I said the gamecocks get fired up whether winter, spring, summer or fall – to that song.
    I suggested “Shout” because it’s still popular today at parties of all ages including Frat and sorority parties – thought it would fire them up at games.
    If we’re going back in time – another song “The Boys are Back in Town” – I think by Little Feat – is good – with a good beat – reminds me that the team is back in town after summer or after an away game – or just back in Sanford Stadium any Sat.

  30. My personal favorite on any Gameday, which I know many Dawgs agree would be great – Mr. George Thorogood

  31. Bulldog Joe

    I agree. Something tells me CMR and Greg McGarity are not on the same page with this one.

    CMR: “The Who?”
    Greg McGarity: “Who?”
    CMR: “Yes?”
    Greg McGarity: “Not Yes.”
    CMR: “The White Stripes?”
    Greg McGarity: “What’s wrong with the field?”
    CMR: “Talking Heads?”
    Greg McGarity: “No. Scott and Eric are doing a great job.”
    Greg McGarity: “I told you. No indoor practice facility!”
    CMR: “Kiss?”
    Greg McGarity: “What?”
    CMR: “Queen?”
    Greg McGarity: “No. I’m a Married Man.”
    CMR: “U2?”
    Greg McGarity: “I thought you knew that.”
    CMR: “AC/DC?”
    Greg McGarity: “Are you kidding me? Get me the Police!”
    CMR: “Okay. The Police it is!”

  32. Normaltown Mike

    It’s a real shame that Georgia doesn’t play on Fridays…

  33. DawgPhan

    So basically if they choose a song I like, this is a great idea. If they pick a song I dont like this is the end of everything I know and love.


    • Basically, I wish McGarity would focus on more important things.

      • JIngles

        I don’t see a problem with the AD thinking about the game day experience at the biggest cash cow his department has and I guess I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that this issue probably doesn’t consume all of his time just because he mentioned it in an interview. More interesting to talk about that than talk exclusively about debt service and capital campaigns (which he has also talked about recently in interviews.) And there is only so much to say about an indoor practice facility or Foley Field that hasn’t already been said in the past few weeks. I’d rather know that our AD isn’t aloof to the game day experience than insist he only ever speak publicly about a handful of things.

  34. Bulldog Joe

    Or they could focus on making the team better…

  35. Geez. I can’t believe they are tying wins and blowouts to crazy piped-in music. As if it’s some kind of advantage.

    You know, one thing I’ve always been proud of is Georgia’s tradition. And a very big part of that tradition has always been class. Other schools crossed the line of class over the decades, but we never did.

    Now, it seems McGarity is doing everything he can to take that away from us. Instead of holding the line and setting the example, he’s caving into what schools like Clemson, South Carolina, Auburn, and others are doing.

    So we’re in danger of losing what class we have left, when it comes to games. What’s next? Why not just trash our ethical standards while we’re at it, so we can be like the others. It would give us more of a competitive edge than piped-in noise ever could.

    Ah, leadership. I’m missing Vince Dooley today.

    • stoopnagle


    • Otto

      I’m not asking for fake juice but a return to 30 years ago.

      UGA is the only school in the SEC that has moved more conservative as the general trend over the past 20 years. A little more fun music is hardly crossing the line.

      • I understand. But “fun music”? I know I’m old, but I don’t get it. I can’t get what recorded music has to do with a football game. Something else must be wrong.

        I absolutely hate the despise the music they play at these stadiums, pro and college. As a classically-trained musician myself, it’s like fingernails on a blackboard, almost. But even if they let me personally select all the music, it still doesn’t made sense.

        It’s JMO, but this is one case in which the new fad trend is wrong. That it finally captured the SEC, and especially Georgia, is remarkable. But that doesn’t make it right. Now we’ve crossed the line of having to entertain the crowd, where before the game itself was the consideration.

        And, of course, there’s no going back. If they make any more “progress”, I’ll have to mute the sound as I watch from home. They already ran me out of the stadium, since I was there to watch college football games. They can’t run me out of my home, but they can force me to mute the sound.

        And I suppose, if they keep going, they can finally make it so unpleasant, visually, that I won’t even watch at all. If they want to do that, they’re certainly on the right track. Just keep chugging along.

      • “Little” being the operative word there.

        Unfortunately, little ain’t what we’re likely to get.

      • stoopnagle

        If it’s anything remotely like what happens at Clemson or Vanderbilt, it’s an abomination.

    • Dog in Fla

      “I’m missing Vince Dooley today.”

      We’re here to help


  36. Hobnail_Boot

    120 comments, and no mention of Soulja Boy?

    I know VTech already uses it, but I nominate Metallica – Enter Sandman.

  37. “We don’t have a go-to song,” McGarity said.

    I think part of the problem is that you don’t just quickly pick or magically “get” a “go-to” song. It’s kinda like trying to get a girlfriend. If it’s a real go-to song, etc … it has to come naturally. I don’t claim to know the answer either. As another poster stated above … some folks are gonna like some songs and some will like others. And some will not like any songs. Maybe it’s best if we just worry about making the best product on the field.

    • Maybe it’s best if we just worry about making the best product on the field.

      Oh my, be careful. Might make too much sense.

      I lived in Tampa from 1985-89. While I was there, the Bucs were terrible, as was their tradition at the time. Since attendance was poor, the Bucs commissioned a study by a local firm, which took two years and cost $300,000.00.

      Finally, the study completed and was reported to the Bucs. And the finding was: If the Bucs won more games, attendance would improve.

      No kidding.

  38. AusDawg85

    Hand-out Google Glasses and at the appropriate times flash on everyone’s screen, “Please stand and cheer now.” Scroll scores and video from other games during timeouts and you’d really have something.

    Seriously, why not at least get more inventive than finding some hot iTunes pick from a decade ago to blare? I don’t want us to be like USc, I’d like us to be Georgia.