Somebody needs a big ole steaming mug of STFU.

Barry Switzer goes from calling Johnny Football an “arrogant little prick” to, well, I don’t know… full-blown crank with this gem:

“I’ve always said I’d never recruit a white quarterback. The only way I’d ever recruit a white quarterback to play for me is if his mom and daddy would both have to be black, and that’s the only way I would do it. My quarterback is a quarterback-fullback offense – how the wishbone was. I’d have to have a Jamelle Holieway, J.C. Watts and Thomas Lott (former Oklahoma quarterbacks who are all black). Those guys are gonna be my quarterbacks – great runners, great ball carriers and be able to pass. Those guys could throw and run.”

Geez, maybe somebody should get his opinion on Michael Sam.


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  1. Bulldog Joe

    Troy Aikman was black?

  2. TennesseeDawg

    “The only way I’d ever recruit a white quarterback to play for me is if his mom and daddy would both have to be black…” – Deep Thoughts by Barry Switzer

  3. 202dawg

    Irrelevance – thy name is Switzer.

  4. JAX

    Where is the OUTCRY over such an egregious racist statement?

    “The only way I’d vote for a black man as President is if his mother was a white, jewish whore from Harvard”.

  5. uglydawg

    He must have the same speech writer as Joe Biden.

  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    So, do you guys think Gurley has put on too much weight? When does spring practice start?

  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    Can Bauta throw a wet ball?

  8. Spence

    Johnny Football sucks!!!

  9. 81Dog

    Uglydawg kind of beat me to my first thought: Barry Switzer is the Joe Biden of college football. A little bit crazy, possibly brain damaged, disgraced in the late 80s but kind of made a comeback by coattailing someone else, says stuff so crazy that you can’t help but laugh.

    At least Barry isn’t a heartbeat away from having his finger on the nuclear trigger, a fact which should make Texas fans and Jerry Jones breathe a tad more easily.

    • Accurate description. Very good🙂.

    • AlphaDawg

      I’ve been in the same room as Biden on 2 occassions, I have friends stationed at 8th and I who have regular contact with him, and i’ve heard a few creditable storys about how he acted around the family members of a few of our fallen warriors. I can promise you calling him a buffoon is an insult to buffoon’s. Looks like him Switzer are the same type of animal.

  10. John Denver is full of shit...

    “those guys”…

  11. Dawg in Austin

    If you listen to the recording he actually has the right perspective on Sam, Senator. Too bad no one will report on that, but he dug his own hole with the idiotic statement 5 minutes later that you referenced.

  12. Only black QBs can be mobile? Manziel, Eric Crouch, Tebow, among others must be confused. Then there’s this guy too…

  13. Gravidy

    Hey, look at the bright side. At least he didn’t say he would never recruit a black quarterback. That would have made him a racist.

    • 81Dog

      hey, it’s all in the tone. Barry can say that about a white kid because he means it affectionately.

      sounds stupid when you say it that way, doesn’t it?

  14. Switzer is a sleazeball. Always has been.

  15. t

    This is more prevalent than you think even today. Not just the QB position.

  16. Normaltown Mike

    Maybe we should blame Switzer for “the Quincy Carter Experiment” by Donnan.

    When Donnan was hired, Switzer came to the Classic City to congratulate his former assistant and they dined at Walt Light’s old place in Five Points, The Lighthouse, according to my classmate that worked as a waiter there.

    • The wining and dining of Carter was certainly Switzer-like. Black, athletic QB with a strong arm. And a thug, which never bothered neither Switzer nor Donnan.

      Donnan risked his career for Carter, which was stupid. And he got precisely what he deserved.

  17. What fresh hell is this?

    Somewhere, Jimmy the Greek nods in approval….

    • Dog in Fla

      “There’s not going to be anything left for the White People.”🙂

      • JAX

        Greek said nothing inappropriate. He was stating the truth and even complimented the black athletes, calling them “beautiful”. HIs comments are as truthful now as the day he made them – their is a disproportionate number of black players to white and there is a disproportionate number of white coaches to black. What is the BFD about his comments?

        • Dog in Fla

          Racist Remarks ‘The Greek’ Got What He Deserved

          “One of the best-kept secrets in all of sports is that Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder is a closet sociologist. Jimmy, who handled color commentary at sports events for CBS television, was fired last week for doing what apparently comes naturally. With a closed mind and open mouth, the Greek launched into a soliloquy concerning the benefits of slavery.

          “In the WRC-TV interview in Washington last week, Snyder said blacks had been bred to be better athletes since the Civil War, when “the slave owner would breed his big black with his big woman so that he would have a big black kid. That’s where it all started.”

          He added that blacks were “bred” to have “high thighs and big thighs that go up into his back. And they can jump higher and run faster because of their bigger thighs, you see. The white man has to overcome that, but they don’t try hard enough to overcome it.”

          Snyder added that if blacks “take over coaching jobs like everybody wants them to there’s not going to be anything left for the white people.”

          I always thought of slavery as a negative part of black history. I never appreciated the advantages of people being held in chains, forced to work the fields without pay and the destruction of family units. Now Jimmy tells me I should recognize the value of slavery.

          The CBS network fired Jimmy the Greek from his nearly $500,000 a year job and issued an apology.”

  18. Mike Cooley

    If you are looking for something to be offended by, guess what, you’ll find it,