The “settling it on the field” dilemma, in two sentences

The NFL is pondering the expansion of its playoffs by adding two more teams to the field.  Why, you may ask?

As if you didn’t know.

In any event, the league is trying to make it sound as if postseason expansion is not inevitable.

Some owners are apparently wary of the potential for de-valuing a playoff spot by allowing too many teams into the postseason. But such concerns could be offset by the potential for increased TV revenues.

Delany and Slive couldn’t have expressed that more delicately if they tried.  Which they will, in a few years.


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5 responses to “The “settling it on the field” dilemma, in two sentences

  1. Tim

    Starting to wonder why they dont just eliminate the regular season and play a series of tournaments for as long as tv will pay. Since nearly everyone will be getting in the playoffs eventually the regular season will just be 16 exhibitions.


  2. Bright Idea

    Waiting for the day a 7-9 regular season wins the Super Bowl.


  3. Lrgk9

    Revise the history !