Post Pruitt, Will Friend discusses his day job.

After reading Seth’s article about next season’s offensive line prospects, do you feel any less nervous about who will man the left tackle spot than before?  I sure don’t.

I mean, I’m glad that Friend thinks he’s got a handle on how he’s going to deal with the departures, but as Emerson puts it,

That left tackle spot will be a source of intrigue. Beard played it last year while spelling Gates, but then Beard briefly decided to transfer, before changing his mind. If he was assured of a starting spot, he likely would not have even been thinking about leaving.


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9 responses to “Post Pruitt, Will Friend discusses his day job.

  1. Joe

    I just hope that Theus skips Bonnaroo this year and gets his ass in the weight room. He has all the talent in the world, but he needs to get in shape. Baby fat on a 21 year old NFL OT prospect is not ideal. If he gets dedicated to his craft, there is no concern about LT.


  2. adam

    Friend has been a recruiting fiend so far this spring. Shame none of these tackles he’s offering can be here until 2015, because we could use them.


  3. UbiquitousGaAlum

    Bobo & Friend rarely give any player an absolute certainty of a starting position. Murray didn’t even receive that until his SR year.


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    UGA should have signed a top OL out of JC this past month. Bama did. Ole Miss did. As I recall Mizzou signed 2. There were several in JC that could have helped out immediately with that critical spot on the team……but noooo.


    • Cosmic Dawg

      That UGA….so exasperating.

      Seriously, though, I am worried about our OL….I wish they’d stock ’em a little deeper and get a few more yellow stars among that squad…


  5. Skint

    No reason not to sign a JUCO OL every year that can come in in January. A&M signed two and UT signed one in addition to the ones mentioned. We have quantity but not quality, a UGA staple. Glad Beard will be back.


  6. I don’t feel any better, either. I expect yet another mediocre OL, and the usual problems at LT. But I guess Friend has to work with who’s here. And of the two Tackles he has, one hasn’t been very good (Theus), and the other is an undeveloped signee.

    I do wish he had done better with eval and recruiting up to this point, but don’t know the details, except for Tunsil.


  7. Skint

    Our OL recruiting has sucked for years. We let so many talented GA linemen leave the state because they aren’t what we perceive as UGA worthy. Until we make a change at the top, we will be mediocre on the OL. It’s called roster balancing.


  8. old dawg

    I, like so many others, have grown weary of the line’s shortcomings. After a few good years under Neil Calloway, the slide started and even Stacy Searels had to get out of town before being tarred and feathered. Meanwhile, Nick Saban, Inc. just keeps getting all the good ones he wants. I’m trying to remain positive but the O line has become a yearly worry.

    old dawg