“Everything is about choices.”

So choose beautiful Knoxville.

(NOTE:  Jimmy Williamson does not approve this message.)


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5 responses to ““Everything is about choices.”

  1. 69Dawg

    Well at least they didn’t try to stomp a cop to death.

  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Gee. That’s almost as good a Tuscaloosa. They just need to figure out how to keep it out on the QT.

    • Bulldog Joe

      Agree. Butch needs to get the Knoxville media to shut their mouth.

      Not quite All-In yet.

  3. This seems almost predictable. Knoxville remains the laughingstock of college football programs. The Fulmer Cup rules all. It isn’t called that for nothing.

    • Macallanlover

      The Fulmer Cup is called that for well-deserved reasons but more impressive is how many felons skated free because of Phat Phil’s deal with the SEC and NCAA offices. Does the word “snitch” sound like a good fit?