`I can’t believe you got the two best running backs.’

Left tackle may look a little shaky, but the only way I can describe Georgia’s 2014 running back situation is as an abundance of riches.  Assuming there’s no relapse on the health front, the backs should help Bobo and Mason sleep better at night.


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11 responses to “`I can’t believe you got the two best running backs.’

  1. Rebar

    So if they are anywhere as impactful as Gurshall, can we call them Sonick?


  2. shane#1

    I like the way Chub runs. The guy has a lot of heart, runs hard, and seems to be very durable. He averaged 28 carries a game this season. I know that was against high school defenses but I don’t care if you are playing the Little Sisters of the Poor, 28 carries a game is taking a licking and keeping on ticking. He also benched 390 and squatted 600 and something. A bigger Thomas Brown? I could live with that, yes Sir!!!


  3. Jim

    I hope UGA returns to a more run oriented offense than in recent years. I know teams have to have a certain balance of run/pass and no one can win a championship grossly over balanced one way or the other. Alabama seems to do it as well as anyone. Great running game + great defense + great special teams is the formula for winning championships!


  4. If we run the ball more ,most of the dumb masses that sit around me at games will revive the “Bobo you’re an idiot” mantra. Don’t get me wrong Jim ,your right but I’m just not looking forward to listening to the idiots around me who seem to believe that every play should result in a 70 yard TD pass. Will this be four 5 star tailbacks in our backfield? Hell let’s bring Buck Belue out of retirement and let him just hand the rock off.


  5. Together, the four of them will be the best group we’ve ever had. And there are several other serviceable backs, as there should be.

    It’s great, but it’s not like we’re the only one in the League lately to have four elite runners. But we should enjoy these guys, they will be the catalyst for a tremendous dimension on offense.


    • Ivey, throw J.J. Green and Brendan Douglas in there as well. I don’t know if J.J. moves to WR or DB and Douglas moves to FB, but those 6 guys together will be darn good.


  6. We have yet to see how AJ Turman plays, since he redshirted last year. He may have developed some finesse to add to his strength over the past year. He was chosen before Brendan Douglas in the 2013 class, so there must have been something appealing a out the guy. I am looking forward to seeing how all this shakes out and who gets the touches as the seqson goes along. One thing is for sure, if our first two are sidelined (God forbid), there will be no lack of ability, which may be Hutson Mason’s saving grace.

    Don’t know why, but I don’t trust the man. However whether he plays or is replaced by a newbie, the RB corps soothes my soul.