“There’s no reason for the NCAA to exist. None.”

Especially when you make shit up out of thin air.

“I think what will end up happening — and this is my opinion, not that of the league — is if the colleges don’t change from the one-and-done, we’ll go after the one,” Cuban said.

Gee, Mark, exactly how would the colleges change from the one-and-done if the professional organization you belong to continues to prohibit high schoolers from being eligible for the NBA draft?  I guess they’d just add the NBA as another recruiting competitor.

“We can get rid of all the hypocrisy and improve the education,” Cuban said. “If the whole plan is just to go to college for one year maybe or just the first semester, that’s not a student-athlete. That’s ridiculous.

“You don’t have to pretend. We don’t have to pretend. A major college has to pretend that they’re treating them like a student-athlete, and it’s a big lie and we all know it’s a big lie. At least at most schools, not all. … But we can put more of an emphasis on their education. We can plan it out, have tutors. We can do all kinds of things that the NCAA doesn’t allow schools to do that would really put the individual first.”

Cuban’s biggest concern about one-and-done prospects is that they’re often not mentally, emotionally and psychologically prepared for the NBA after spending only one season in a college environment.

He believes the D-League could provide a better atmosphere for freshman-age players to develop on and off the court.

If by “better atmosphere” he means a steady paycheck, well, sure.  But the idea that the NBA will be better able – not to mention more motivated –  to offer kids who don’t want an education educational opportunities is laughable.  Bottom line, just like the NCAA’s members, his league will be getting the stars on the cheap for a year.  That’s all this is about.

Yeah, the NCAA is hypocritical.  Big surprise there.  Cuban?  To quote Rick from Casablanca, I don’t mind a parasite. I object to a cut-rate one.


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7 responses to ““There’s no reason for the NCAA to exist. None.”

  1. 69Dawg

    Whoa there Senator. I think Mark may make a lot of sense. The marginally talented kids that really want the 4 year scholarship will not be good enough for the NBA to draft. What I think he is saying is that the great players who will be one and done shouldn’t have to do the Kabuki dance. Make it like baseball have a draft of high school guys and then they can take their choice D League or college. If they go the college route they can’t play in the NBA for 3 years or until they graduate which ever comes first. If they go D league then if and only if they want to the league will pay for them to study during the off season. Hey if the Armed Services can educate their guys the NBA can too. Trite phrase of the day “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink or not smoke dope”, you get the idea.


    • cube

      If that’s what he wants, why is he wanting the NCAA to do anything about it? The NCAA has never determined eligibility for professional sports leagues (including MLB, which you reference).

      The NBA created the “one and done”, not the NCAA.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Cuban speaks truth about the NCAA, but not of his profiteering.


  3. cube

    “…if the colleges don’t change from the one-and-done…”

    He’s either a complete idiot or a liar trying to make the public believe something that isn’t true.


  4. Does anyone think the Lexington Wildcats as a Developmental League team would sell out a high school gym? 4 hot dogs and Cokes wouldn’t make me go – sort of like Georgia Tech football.


  5. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Cuban is to the personal growth and development of exceptional basketball players what Bert is to the safety of college football players.


  6. Macallanlover

    Cuban is honest and makes good business sense but he fails to bow in homage to the worthless, toothless NCAA…..so I am out.

    Incognito Shark