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The Longhorn Network is in business, baby!

DISH and Disney get in bed together.

Seriously, the big news is that the SEC Network has its first major distribution deal.

Now I just wonder how much that’s gonna cost me.

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Nobody knows you in North Dakota.

It didn’t occur to me when I read Mark Cuban’s comments about how the D-League is a much more super awesome place than college for 18-year olds to hone their skills/cool their jets until they’re eligible for the draft, but here’s a reason kids might not fall all over themselves to chase Cuban’s dream:

“I think the thing with playing college basketball, especially the players that are good enough to play at high-level schools, they get so much exposure (in college),” Nored said. “Think about how much talk there has been of the freshman focus in college basketball this season. You’re probably not going to get that talk in the D-League because you’re just playing on YouTube every day.”

Now there’s no reason the NBA couldn’t choose to promote players in the D-League to a greater degree… except (1) that costs money (and why spend it when the colleges will do it gratis?) and (2) to the extent that promotion is successful, it’s going to pump up the market value of certain players.

Anyway, interesting point.


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Margin called, gentlemen.

It’s not too late to bail out Saban, Mr. Slive.

One thing, fellas – if you decide to give an eight-man crew a try, how ’bout putting more thought into how it should operate than you did with the targeting rule?


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Sandra Bullock has questions about the 10-second rule.

This is pretty clever.

I await Bert’s retort.


UPDATE:  Well, maybe.


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“We all knew it wasn’t going to last forever.”

Can somebody explain Chris Low’s point here?

The cannibalistic nature of the league caught up with it last season, even though Auburn survived an early-season loss to LSU to work its way back up the BCS standings and into the national title game.

Is he saying that Auburn lost to FSU because the SEC was so tough last season?  Otherwise, it doesn’t make any sense.  And even that point seems a little shaky to me.  The SEC’s been tougher in several recent seasons than its 2013 version, with its conference winner going on to win the title game in those years.

Only reason I ask is that I don’t see the conference being any easier this season, even in the face of the league-wide drop off we’re likely to see at the quarterback position.  So is Low predicting another national title goose egg?  Given that the postseason field is expanding to four, I would think the SEC’s odds of winning another title game are better than ever.


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Roll over Joe Barton, and tell Orrin Hatch the news.

Jay Jacobs announces the death of socialism.

Northeastern athletic director Peter Roby said this would widen the gap between the “haves” and the “have-nots” in Division I. What would your rebuttal to that be?

My response to that would be that we’re in a competitive environment, so if one business is doing exceedingly well in what they do, should we subsidize the businesses that aren’t as efficient and effective as we are? Should that hold us back? That doesn’t sound like the capitalism that this country was built on. I think that he’s correct that it will widen it. But I think that also there’s a need for that to be widened. It will put people that are actually competing for the same thing in the same pool or pod together and let them make decisions based on what they can do and what they think is important. Whether it’s us or a league or division that the (Northeastern) AD is in. Give him more stability, so when he’s competing (against) schools in his league, they’re all on the same level playing field (in) recruiting, competition, support services and academically.

Now I don’t have a problem with that… except government giving enterprises making millions and millions non-profit tax exemptions doesn’t sound like the capitalism that this country was built on, either.  On the other hand, it does sound like today’s capitalism.


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Monday morning buffet

Jump right in and get your week started.


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