Physician Nick, heal thyself?

When it comes to the HUNH, we know Saban’s got player safety on his mind.

“If you ask the guys philosophically, a lot of them that run the offense, they say we want to wear the defense down and get the defense tired,” he said. “Well, you get the defensive players tired, they are going to be more susceptible to getting injured.”

Perhaps he should be looking closer to home first.

Of course, that could explain all the medical scholarships handed out in Tuscaloosa.


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5 responses to “Physician Nick, heal thyself?

  1. DawgPhan

    I know Saban is in a bad spot with the way he went about it, but I do think that his argument is better than Bret’s.The additional plays must have some impact and over the course of a season the sub concussive(?) hits would pile up.

    I would want more data and study of it, but I do think he at least made a better argument that just the “death certificates” argument that Bret ran up the flag pole.


  2. Irwin R Fletcher

    Please add a tag for all ‘Dr. Nick’ posts from now on…I submit the following suggestions:

    1) Hi Everybody!
    2) Seriously baby, I can prescribe anything I want.
    3) Hey, did you go to Hollywood Upstairs Medical College too?


  3. TennesseeDawg

    Player safety has always been first and foremost for Saban


  4. jollyrogerjay

    If Saban is really worried about player safety, he should push for eliminating all kick offs, and have DE’s and LB’s count to 5 Mississippi before they can rush the quarterback. His last 5 recruiting classes are filled with BIG linebackers, which doesn’t work so well against spread teams. This past cycle he signed a couple of smaller LB’s….Saban will out talent you, not out coach you. That is what this is all about, his teams are not built to stop the spread type offenses and he knows it and wants to change the rules to give him the edge back.


  5. Charles

    The Alabama fans who purport to know are convinced that Saban is installing a HUNH package into his offense. That’s why he hired Lane Kiffin, yada yada yada. So much incoherence…

    Oh well. That’s why they play the game. It’s all speculation until Labor Day weekend.