Richt talks spring practice.

Coaches still learning players’ names… gonna be a fun spring.



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12 responses to “Richt talks spring practice.

  1. rampdawg

    Is their a Re shard Tar deets on the roster?


  2. It is easier for Coaches to give them nick names. They can inspire them that way. Endearments are very encouraging.


  3. Skint

    Better get a backup QB ready with Theus and Houston as your tackles.


  4. ScoutDawg

    Whole new ballgame.


  5. gonna be a fun spring.

    For sure. We need to have a good one, and I think we will.


  6. Ellis

    I like the JJ Green move to cornerback, he is a tremendous athlete and we can certainly use his skill in the secondary.


  7. Boy, coach Richt looks TIRED


  8. Dawgshit

    I see Les Miles is on top of his special teams and is has always making that important. Unlike Mark Richt who is the laughing stock of special teams. It’s going to be the same BS and pathetic special teams again this year as it was last year. I don’t see anything changing and I bet it will be worse than last year.


    • Dawgshit

      And if you want to know the truth about this year. It will be another shitty year. We will be lucky if we win 8 games. I’m just plain disgusted with UGA and and I will not give a damn penny of my money as long as greg mcfrugal is the AD. It’s a crying damn shame what is going on. OMG and the tailgating situation on campus still sucks. I swear things need to change.


  9. 202dawg

    Please; don’t feed the trolls…