Don’t let a good thing die.

Is it too much to hope that Steve Spurrier crashes a Finebaum interview with Nick Saban at SEC Media Days this year?


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8 responses to “Don’t let a good thing die.

  1. I would pay extra to see that.


    Based on the comments in the linked article, SOS is under some of their skin. Solid Gold by SOS.

  3. Otto

    The comments by the Bammers are great.

  4. Dog in Fla

    Ballsack better leave the Skipper alone. He’s the Captain Queeg* of the Good Ship Lollipop:

    Saban calls a team meeting about 10:30 that night, comes down and says, ‘You know, the captain of the ship can never show fear or indecision, we’ve always gotta have an answer, and so I had to go upstairs, that’s why I walked over Geno like that, I had to collect my thoughts and decide what’s best for our team.’

    For what it’s worth, if anything, a team of psychiatrists has pronounced Queeg “completely sane.”

  5. This what you do at South Carolina when you can win….anything!

  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    They should settle this on the golf course.

  7. Definitely! SOS might be the better golfer though.