Why are they saying nice things about Aaron Murray’s career?

Per CBSSports’ Pat Kirwan, Aaron Murray was voted the toughest quarterback to face by the SEC defensive backs Kirwan interviewed at the Senior Bowl and combine.

That seems unlikely.  Aren’t most SEC games by definition big games?


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33 responses to “Why are they saying nice things about Aaron Murray’s career?

  1. Russ


    Seriously, there seems to be lots of good press about Murray lately. I hope he goes to the right team and does well before returning to UGA as Bobo’s OC.


  2. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    Nice little paragraph on Murray. The guys on the field know how good he is. It’s a shame more of the folks in the press box didn’t seem to or just didn’t write about it.


  3. Krautdawg

    FINALLY we learn why the SEC office decided to let opposing D lineman slam Murray around without a penalty. The track always handicaps the best horse 😉


  4. Rebar

    Murray is going to be the steal of this draft.


  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    NFL Football at the QB position is just as much about brains as it is about physical skills. Murray has both. One of the better teams in the league would be well advised to use a pick on Murray while he is still available even if the team doesn’t need a QB right now. I’m thinking New Orleans, Denver or New England whose QBs, while great players, are getting a little long in the tooth. NO would be a perfect fit for Murray IMHO–the understudy to Brees for 2 seasons, then the starter.


    • BigDawg

      As good a fit as it may be… as a Falcons fan, I cannot wish for Murray to play for the Aint’s


    • Krautdawg

      So, relevant story here. I’m at a BBQ joint in Fort Worth last Saturday before the Robert Earl Keane show. Start talking to the gentleman sitting next to us because hey, we’re sharing the roll of paper towels in the middle of the table that serve as napkins in a proper BBQ establishment.

      This guy works for Advocare, i.e. the nutrition supplement company whose commercials we unfortunately had to watch during a couple bowl games. Who’s Advocare’s spokesperson? Drew Brees.

      Now the fun part. Who’s advocare’s new spokesperson? Apparently it’s Aaron Murray. Does this mean that Aaron Murray will be drafted by the Saints?!!? I’m just brave enough to start this rumor anonymously on the internet.

      Keep in mind that (a) the only evidence I have that this guy works for Advocare is a business card & a bunch of new knowledge about supplements, and (b) I heard this at a Texas barbeque joint. But where the brisket costs $14 per pound, I think we can assume inherent reliability.


  6. Gr

    Feel pretty certain, once you look at Murray’s career in big games, overall, it’s severely lacking as anyone with half a brain knows.

    His record vs:
    top 10 teams
    top 25 teams
    ranked teams
    bowl games

    All are under .350

    Simply put, he can’t win a high enough % of big games to become an NFL pro.


  7. Gr

    People will also look closely at his 40+ interceptions, his sacks, and coming off 2 leg injuries, one in high school, another in college,

    you’re taking a stupid risk to pick this kid.

    murray’s a liability when he’s perfectly healthy, coming off a broken leg and acl injury?


    • Dawgfan Will

      You’re trolling is a liability. Maybe they should go for Manziel so they can watch him run around until he can throw a pass in the general direction of 3 DBs surrounding a single receiver who somehow still makes the catch. That happens all the time in the NFL.


    • Julie

      This tops the dumbest fucking thing I’ve read today.


    • WF Dawg

      He’s back for an encore, ladies and gentlemen!


  8. Otter

    Is anyone else fearful AM is pushing himself too hard too soon on his ACL…
    I wish him the best, and hope his body holds up for him.


  9. CokeGuy

    Aaron has some things going for him: yards, td’s, etc.

    Whether that can overcome stuff like: short height, interception prone, winless in sec championships, 1-2 in bowl games, etc,, the ACL knee injury,

    Ultimately, there’s knowing what to do, and doing it under pressure, the former is where Aaron excels, coaching ewill be in his future or some intellectual career,
    perhaps a football analyst?

    But the ultimate measure is getting it done to get your team some victories when it counts like Sec championships, bowl games, top 10 matchups, and so on, and he just comes up short, PUN INTENDED.

    Murray comes up short, doesn’t measure up. best line ever…..


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      UGA lost the 2 bowl games with Aaron Murray at QB because:(1) CMR went for a field goal on 4th and goal from the one (which was also 4th and a foot for a first down) in the first drive of the first loss; and, CMR called a running play to run backwards out of the kicker’s effective range to set up the FG attempt, and the kicker then missed the FG that would have won the game. How is any of that on Murray?


  10. Mike

    Good point. Aaron Murray 8 turnovers in his 3 bowl games, and had 4 turnovers in his 2 sec championships. Didn’t even score a td in his first bowl game,Didn’t play well when the lights were brightest consistently that’s his legacy at U of Ga unfortunately. Well liked on campus by non-football fans, did a lot of charity work so that might have covered up for a lot the on the field dissapointments. From a team perspective, he didn’t do a whole lot, conf champ’s-0, Bowl wins, 1, I think he beat 2 teams that finished in the top 10 in 4 years out of 12 tries. Was something like 4-16 vs teams that ended up in the top 25. Not a lot for NFL coaches to get excited about if you like pressure big game winners.

    Connor Shaw is the sleeper, he’s the anti-Murray, beat a lot of respected teams, won 11 games a season 3 straight years. Tough kid


    • Connor Shaw can’t throw the ball out of his own shadow. The Ole Ball Sack can’t develop QBs for the pros to save his life. You people who have bashed Murray since his freshman year should go be a fan for someone else.


      • Debby Balcer

        They are fans of someone else the are trolling. Aaron is taller than Manziel and no one mentions Johnny Football’s height.