Off to the recruiting races

ESPN is reporting that the NCAA is seriously considering an early signing period for college football.

College football is taking steps toward establishing an early signing period, according to the NCAA official who manages the national letter of intent program.

Susan Peal, NCAA associate director of operations, said the continued acceleration of recruiting has led the Conference Commissioners Association to consider an earlier date to supplement the long-existing date in February, similar to the structure for basketball and other sports.

“I think everyone wants an early signing period,” Peal said this week. “It’s just trying to nail down what’s the appropriate date for that.”

Can’t say I’m surprised, given the way the whole process has noticeably accelerated over the past few years.  I used to be unsure as to whom an early period would favor, but it seems clear to me now with the way the power programs are adding advisory staff to beef up contacts with the high schools that they would be the victors to whom the spoils would flow.  Which is probably why the NCAA is taking this up now.


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4 responses to “Off to the recruiting races

  1. I know it won’t happen, but I wish they would put in a provision that would provide an out for kids if the coach leaves after the early signing period. In theory kids commit to a school, not a coach/coaching staff, but we all know that’s BS.

    I’d like to see a provision that protects both the school and the kid. Something to the effect that if the head coach leaves, any early signees would have a window, say between 14-21 days AFTER the new coach is announced, to decommit. This would protect the school by giving the new coach at least 2 weeks to sell the recruit on staying, but also not drag the decision out past 3 weeks. It would protect the recruit by making sure they are going to a coaching staff they are happy with.

    This timeline might have to be tweaked in the case of an early enrollee, but should work fine for most situations.


  2. Joe Schmoe

    Question: Would this benefit or hurt UGA? While we are sometimes a little slow to offer, we also seem to lock up most of our classes long before signing day.

    Seems obvious that the date would be at the end of the summer prior to the beginning of senior year. Would work well for recruits who want to end recruiting to focus on their last year of highschool.


  3. ME

    This is all BS. I would prefer that the rule be that ALL student/athletes have to meet NCAA minimum requirements BEFORE any school can offer a scholarship. Schools competing for athletes is BS. The athletes should have to compete against each other for scholarships & a chance to get a degree & develop an NFL career.


  4. Macallanlover

    While the language hasn’t been written yet, if done the way I have heard it discussed, this change would benefit both athletes and the schools. Considering how vital the recruiting process is to the program, it is insane to have the entire signing class come down to just one day with no chance to re-evaluate when some key players have 2-4 schools hanging in the balance. The majority of athletes end up signing with the schools they have verbally committed to anyway, Those young men can get this behind them and concentrate on their HS season, and their studies, without being bombarded by recruiters for month (s). I hope they allow at least 75% of the available spots to be “locked down” during the summer/fall. I hope this gets done in time for this recruiting period. Would also like a rule prohibiting contact before an athlete’s sophomore season in HS.