Of course Hutson Mason knows who Tee Martin is.

Why do you ask?


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7 responses to “Of course Hutson Mason knows who Tee Martin is.

  1. Hudson’s ” all in ” approach is perfect. He’s going to thrill us this Fall.


  2. Rock and Roll Rebel

    It’s pretty cool that he Knows Tee Martin. Perhaps he can get some of that Mojo working for UGA this year…


  3. I’m sure CMR remembers him too.


  4. Ben

    Hey, I remember this guy! Everybody was talking about him in the spring and summer of 2009. Can’t remember why . . . .


  5. Slaw Dawg

    What Tee Martin shared with DJ Shockley was more than talent and waiting patiently for the big chance. Both were team leaders who were cool under pressure and very much had the respect and confidence of their teammates and coaches. They also inherited teams blessed with plenty of talent at other positions. The GT game makes me optimistic on the coolness and team confidence points. And we’ve got the talent–all comes down to whether that talent will produce, esp. on D and ST.


  6. watcher16

    My question is: Why are they just now seeing that his foortwork needs work?!