From the annals of you’ve got to spend money to make money…

The budgets come as many SEC athletics departments are investing money to build up their capability to produce games. Schools are being asked to produce games for the digital component of the SEC Network.

So while Auburn Athletics Director Jay Jacobs is budgeting “very conservatively” for 2014-15 television revenue, he’s also spending approximately $3.5 million for a new control room, fiber that runs to venues, and equipment.

“Fortunately in the last 10 years we built up a reserve over $16 million so if we have to go into the fund, we will,” Jacobs said. “It’s an investment for the future.”

“Investment for the future”?  Greg McGarity thinks that “reserve fund” doesn’t mean what you think it means, Jay.

I wonder how he’s going to ask Georgia alumni to put up half the production cost as a match.  It’s not exactly as sexy as improving the baseball facilities.



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7 responses to “From the annals of you’ve got to spend money to make money…

  1. 69Dawg

    Not to worry Senator the Henry W Grady J School has got us covered. All that free broadcasting help and equipment that they get for free.


  2. Mean while at the King and Prince…

    As Adams passes the baton to Morehead, he told the full board: “It’s going to take some discipline from this board moving forward and from the administration. There are some places that are running headlong toward the cliff. Assistant coaches salaries, incredible money being spent on revenue sports. It will, in my opinion, it will take some continued self-discipline for us to stay in the black.”

    While Greg may be allowed to carry the checkbook, I don’t believe he is the one that signs the checks.


    • Bulldog Joe

      “In support of our commitment to continued self-discipline at Georgia, we are announcing today the 2014 Athletic Board Meeting will be moved from the King and Prince to the parking lot of The Bulldog Inn, 1225 Commerce Road in Athens. 5:30pm sharp. BYOB.”


  3. We ain’t in Alabama.

    “Georgia has benefited from a decision made last fall to begin moving $30 million to the UGA Foundation as an endowment. With the stock market thriving, that produced $450,000 in investment earnings by the end of March, according to treasurer Tim Burgess.”