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I never thought it was possible…

but for the first time in my life I feel sorry for Brent Musburger.

Not as sorry as I do for the SEC Network’s listening audience, though.


UPDATE:  Obviously I’m going to push the obvious…




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The course of true HUNH never did run smooth.

Florida, as we know, hired Curt Roper as offensive coordinator to bring a more up-tempo attack to Gainesville, something that’s pretty much virgin territory for a Will Muschamp team.  Roper is at least honest about needing time to make a successful transition.

“I think there’s an adjustment period,” Roper agreed. “I don’t think it’s something where the first practice they know what we’re talking about necessarily. Over time I think they’ll get to the point where they enjoy it. The skill players enjoy it probably more than the offensive linemen in the sense that sometimes it’s hard to stay in a stance. Part of tempo offenses is getting lined up quickly. That’s the whole key to it. If you get lined up quickly, that means you can snap the ball quickly. If you don’t get lined up quickly, then the defense knows you’re not going to snap the football.”

“Well to get lined up quickly that means the offensive linemen have to get lined up quickly, and they’re in a difficult stance sometimes. So it’s a challenge for those guys. It’s a little bit more of an adjustment. The skill players love it because they don’t have to run back to a huddle and then run out, so it actually conserves their energy. It’s actually a good adjustment for the skill players. The linemen it’s the biggest change for because they’re in a stance.”

You wonder how quickly he can change the mindset of his players.  You wonder how sold Boom really is on the change.  And you wonder how much the Gators’ injury situation will affect the time it takes to get the new offense rolling.

The good news is that Roper has the luxury of three tune up games to get things figured out before going to Tuscaloosa.  Maybe by then he’ll have turned Jeff Driskel into the next Johnny Manziel.


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Rub a little dirt on it and get back in there.

Shorter Matt Hayes:  Football players need to get back to what’s really important about the college experience – taking shit and never complaining about it.


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First spring practice thought

David Ching has a look at what to expect from Georgia’s defense this spring.  His conclusion?  “… don’t expect early practice reports to break down how the defense dominated the day.”

Yeah, well, take a look at how the offensive line is expected to line up per Seth Emerson’s pre-spring depth chart and tell me the defense doesn’t have a chance to shine.  From an experience standpoint, as well as productivity from last season, the line is the defense’s strong suit and the offense’s weak link.

My guess is that early on the defense is going to show out better than anticipated, but that it won’t be worth putting too much stock into that.


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“The rooster crow will definitely come back.”

Scott Stricklin’s working group, which decided it would be a swell idea during games to allow recorded music between plays and up until the point the quarterback gets in position at the line, is going to have a lot to answer for this fall.

Though prerecorded music was restricted, bands were allowed to play in between plays. Nichols said there are musical dead periods for the start of the game, before halftime and after halftime — when the band made its way back to its seats in the stadium after pregame ceremonies and going to and from the field for the halftime performance.

Those times are when Nichols and his team would look to take advantage of the rule change.

Not a moment’s peace.

I wonder when somebody will have the bright idea to monetize the dead periods with advertisements.


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Stability saves.

Mike Bobo just received a one-year contract extension.  He’ll continue to earn $575,000 per year for the next three years.

Meanwhile, a few hundred miles to the south, Boom’s third offensive coordinator in four years also signed a three-year deal.  He’ll be paid $590,000 per year, and with incentives could earn as much as $2 million over the term of his contract.  That’s almost a $300,000 spread between the two deals over their lifetimes.

Call it a hot seat premium.


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