I never thought it was possible…

but for the first time in my life I feel sorry for Brent Musburger.

Not as sorry as I do for the SEC Network’s listening audience, though.


UPDATE:  Obviously I’m going to push the obvious…



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46 responses to “I never thought it was possible…

  1. sniffer

    Has it been determined how many games will be exclusive to the SEC Channel? Do the plans include live, network only broadcasts? Will the network be first, second or third tier offerings?

    Inqiuring minds want to know…

  2. baitstand

    This absolutely sucks. Palmer can’t shut up, and now he’ll be more jacked than ever.

  3. Dog in Fla

    “Brent Musburger is a cultural icon”

    Wait until he assumes The Bachelor’s identity

  4. Gravidy

    I can suffer through Musburger, but Palmer is the Webster poster boy for the word “insufferable”.

    • John Denver is full of shit...

      /puts on blue watch and texts danny kanell if white sunglasses are in and of course bro! always.

      At least Pollack is free of his douchery.

  5. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Thank God for internet radio broadcasts. What an awful pairing. I am betting this comes out of the ESPN “set conflict is good theater for ratings” school of thought. I doubt it survives the season. It looks that bad on paper.

  6. I Wanna Red Cup

    They are both horrible. Hope to be at all the games and miss these two miserable excuses as announcers.

  7. Joe Schmoe

    I like Musburger, but Palmer is the prototype of a UF douche bag.

  8. Russ

    I think I’d rather listen to Musberger and Jesse than that pompous ass Chris Fowler. Why can’t we get Rece Davis? He gets it.

    • Silver Creek Doug

      I believe Rece is hosting the SEC Network College Gameday show this fall, so we will certainly get our fill of him.

  9. Spike

    Can Musberger show Palmer how to properly tie his necktie? Sheesshh….

  10. I’ve never gotten the hate for Musberger. He’s not my favorite, but doesn’t bother me in the least.

    Palmer, on the other hand, I can do without.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Permit me the opportunity to explain this to you Rev. The worst problem with Muffburger is the hyperbole. Every time a college player makes a good play Muff says that he’s “going to be playing on Sundays next year” or that he’s a “guaranteed first round pick” in the upcoming draft. In those rare appearances that I have seen Muffmouth announce a pro game he manages by the end of the game to have said that virtually every player who appeared in the game is a “Pro-Bowler.” Plus, how can a guy go to football games every day for 40+ years yet still know so little about the game? Muff is an example of what people hate most about contemporary America–the guy who doesn’t know shit but nevertheless gets paid mucho dinero, yet continues to makes a fool of himself daily to everybody but the decision makers who put him there in the first place. We all know people like that. The bozo in personnel who can’t find his ass with both hands but who got promoted to a supervisor’s job because of serial ass-kissing, the idiot gal in purchasing who is now head of the department because she screwed the President of the company, etc. The owner’s son (need I say more?). There is so much of that going on now I am amazed that anything ever gets done right. Muff is the face of that to millions of sports fans. That is why he is so universally despised. He’s so out to lunch that he doesn’t even know what the world really thinks of him. If he did, he wouldn’t dare show his face in public-which is hilarious in its own right. Comprende?

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        P.S. I personally hate Muffburger most because of his golf announcing. He knows so little about that sport that it is shocking to have someone that incompetent talking on national television about it. He gets the players names wrong, where they stand in the tournament wrong, how often they have won before wrong, etc. He says “par” when he means “birdie, “eagle” when he means “par” and he thinks that an “albatross” is a type of pelican. He knows what a hole-in-one is but he thinks it can be done on a par 5 hole. If he has ever played golf before, which I seriously doubt, I guarantee that he has never broken 100. Yet there he sits, on camera, explaining to all of us what we just saw–and getting the call wrong. A moron spouting nonsense to millions who know better themselves. When he is announcing a golf tournament I just turn the sound off and watch in silence–which probably isn’t a bad idea for when he does football, too.

        • Silver Creek Doug

          I can attest to Muffberger being a pompous prick. He has a home down at the Landings on Skidaway Island outside Savannah; he does play a lot of golf while he’s there and treats the staff (of which I was a part) like peons.

      • AusDawg85

        Also his incessant verbalizing of “what (player / coach) must be thinking” which is usually so stupid and ludacris as to defy any logic, insight or understanding of the game. I will now not lobby to get the SEC network.

  11. jack

    Between these two, Finebaum and Teebow, I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch the SEC Network at all. Maybe this is a plot to restore attendance at the games.

    • Otto

      lol SEC radio networks everywhere are behind this too.

      I’m not sure if I feel sorry for Musburger, oddly I find Palmer a hair less annoying.

  12. What fresh hell is this?

    Wow, it’s surprising to see all the love for Musberger here. As for myself, I don’t know which is more distressing, his pairing with Palmer or the multi-year contract extension.

  13. 202dawg

    Yeah, Brent loves the kids, the campuses, Katherine Webb… All that

  14. section Z alum

    in case there is any trouble in the identifying the obvious, Jesse Palmer is especially well equipped to help Musberger remember that preceding plays were accomplished on a football field by a football player with a football, and stating at the beginning of every play the specific needs of “this (enter team name) offense” must take care of the football on the football field against “this (enter team name) defense”…during the football game during the football broadcast.


  15. Whiskeydawg

    Brent Musburger is without a doubt one of the biggest bags of hot air on the air. I’d rather mute the game and listen to the garbage disposal (at least it is performing a needed service). Fans have created a drinking game from this tired old mule’s over used musings – so let’s hire him! Palmer is no better.

    • uglydawg

      These two are the bottom of the broadcasting barrel to me.
      Palmer is an insufferable motor-mouth who believes he’s the last word on football. Give us Blackledge.

  16. Musburger referred to the Dawgs as Atlanta twice in the Clemmons game.

  17. Hinesword

    This pairing is worse than awful. Senator speaks of meteor games…this is a meteor broadcast team.

  18. Lrgk9

    Just awful by Jupiter.

  19. Keese

    Now we get charged for premium content on the cable bill?!!! There are not enough cuss words to describe. Joe Buck and Musberger should disappear!!

  20. Scorpio Jones, III

    “Brent Musburger is a cultural icon who has been guiding fans through many of sport’s most spectacular moments for decades,”

    Obviously I, and 98% of the football fans I know, belong to a different culture than the dipshitz at the Worldwide Leader of Bullshit, which I view as a positive.

    Even with the sound off and the radio on I can still hear Brent filling the air with irrelevant bullshit.

    My apologies to Scott and Eric for having even the slightest doubt.

    Does the WWLoB own the radio rights, too? This worries me.

  21. Reservoir Dawg

    Silver lining…the GPOOE won’t be with him. If you have to go with a metrosexual former FU QB, make it Palmer.

    • Gravidy

      I’m not so sure about that. I’ve never heard GPOOE call a game, but I have heard Palmer. I’m willing to hear GPOOE before I assume he’s worse.

  22. Spike

    Sigh. I miss Ron Franklin.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Franklin and Musburger are living proof of what is wrong with television–the incompetent Musburger gets treated as an icon and the competent Franklin gets fired.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        TV is supposed to be audience-driven…how the fuck does this happen?

        I guess it is an indication that the folks who actually make decisions about football broadcasting at the WWLoBS know nothing about football broadcasting, and/or nothing about football.

        Musbuger is our punishment for greed.

  23. I love in the interview how Musberger compares himself to the Bear and Paterno.

  24. Trbodawg

    Not that it means a thing, but it’s funny to me that the ‘popularity’ poll for Musburger and Palmer is running about 60% AGAINST.

  25. Ole Dawg

    One of my favorite scenes from the Waterboy is where Dan Fouts tells Muffburger to “Shut up…”