Stability saves.

Mike Bobo just received a one-year contract extension.  He’ll continue to earn $575,000 per year for the next three years.

Meanwhile, a few hundred miles to the south, Boom’s third offensive coordinator in four years also signed a three-year deal.  He’ll be paid $590,000 per year, and with incentives could earn as much as $2 million over the term of his contract.  That’s almost a $300,000 spread between the two deals over their lifetimes.

Call it a hot seat premium.


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  1. TennesseeDawg

    …with incentives could earn as much as $2 million over the term of his contract.

    Incentives include completing a forward pass, a run of more than 4 yards and blocking your opponents while running a play

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Well, the 1st Gator player would have tackled the Gator runner so the second Gator player blocked him. It was a good block!!!

  2. Tom

    This is where McGarity’s tight fisted budget really sucks. Bobo is underpaid. McGarity is taking advantage of his loyalty to UGA.

  3. uglydawg

    “McGarity is taking advantage of his loyaty to UGA”
    He sure is. And Bobo isn’t the only one being shorted.
    McGarity is going to find HIS ass on the “Hot Seat” when and if one of the finest OC and potential HC on the college scene is spirted away by the lure of a fair shake. Coaches want to work for CMR because he is a classy boss that takes care of his people. That’s a big part of Bobo’s loyalty.
    McG needs to wake up and pay up.

    • McGarity is getting a lot of credit for that budget.
      In a meeting before the full board.
      “There are some places that are running headlong toward the cliff. Assistant coaches salaries, incredible money being spent on revenue sports. It will, in my opinion, it will take some continued self-discipline for us to stay in the black.” Dr. Adams

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        M. Adams….gone but not forgotten.

        • 😉
          I’m not sure emulating Florida salaries is the path best taken.
          “Florida is sparing no expense in its effort to maintain elite status in college football. That means paying new offensive coordinator Charlie Weis an astounding $2.625 million over the next three years.”

  4. I’m not so sure we don’t still end up hearing about a raise in the relatively near future. Here’s how Emerson phrased it in the article:

    “Other terms of the contract, including his $575,000 salary, remain unchanged for now, athletics director Greg McGarity confirmed.”

    That “for now” part tells me that there may still be something in the works, otherwise it would be a bit of an odd comment for McG to say or Emerson to write.

    I could be wrong though, I expected McClendon to get much more than a $15K raise, especially since he picked up an additional title. I really thought he’d be bumped $50K or so.

    • Dog in Fla

      If another team comes to the emotional rescue of Bobo and/or McClendon and if Greg decides to bring in someone outside The Program instead of going on the cheap and promoting from within, he already has a go-to tune piped into his head and ready to go

    • Governor Milledge

      Exactly. Non-AA money, such as share of the Nike money, could be increased, and performance incentives could be increased as well.

  5. Jay Riemenschneider

    I think he’s waiting to see how the offense performs in the GDay Game before making any firm decisions.

  6. Russ

    This just pisses me off.

  7. cube

    All hail the reserve fund.

  8. Bright Idea

    Bobo is settling because of Richt and his family and McG knows it. If Bobo is satisfied we should be satisfied. Don’t we all appreciate loyalty to UGA?

  9. Pay the man for goodness sake!

  10. AusDawg85

    Blame Bobo. He said “yes”. End of discussion. What do you want McG to do, “Oh, you accept? Well then I say to hell with that, here’s another $100k, now what do you say, smart guy?”

    Give me an UGA fan, and he’ll find fault with anything.

    • March 6, 2013 Bobo gets a quarter of a million dollar raise.
      “Georgia’s Mike Bobo has received a hefty pay raise that will make him one of the highest paid offensive coordinators in the Southeastern Conference.

      Bobo will make $575,000 per year in guaranteed compensation, according to information obtained by the Athens Banner-Herald on Wednesday in an open records request. That’s a $240,000 raise from the $335,000 he was making previously.”

  11. Macallanlover

    Really tired of McFrugal, his penny pinching ways and his thought process. I feel Bobo should leave UGA and get experience elsewhere so maybe this type of treatment will help him make that decision. If he is ever to become UGA’s head coach, I want him to run a total program first. I know it is often easier to rationalize staying where you love it, especially when you consider what is the safest route for your family, but that is not the best way to build yourself to your full potential.

    • At the risk of being obtuse (h/t Andy Dufresne), is it solely up to McFrugal to decide what the coaches are paid? When The Tuna’s salary was $765,000 in 2011 was McFrugal being miserly not to match it?
      When I look at the administration of the Athletic Association I will see the president, provost, vice presidents, and elected members of the faculty. Don’t they have a little to say about who gets paid what? Football coach salaries are a function of how well they perform, the risk of being fired, and what the marketplace pays for football coaches. I get that. I also read somewhere here at GTP that with some of the shortfalls in funding from the state UGa was looking to its athletic department to fill the gaps? Am I wrong?

      • Dog in Fla

        March 12, 2014
        AHD Notes to Self:

        Don’t believe everything you read somewhere here at GTP;

      • Macallanlover

        I don’t think anything is “solely” up to McFrugal, organizations like UGA just do not operate that way. But an issue this small, proportionately, is something an AD can get done. So, yeah, he could have moved the salary up had he pushed it. I am putting it on him, he would have to be incompetent and powerless to not get this done. I am becoming more convinced about his level of competency but haven’t heard anything about his being totally shackled as an AD

        • TODAY marks a year anniversary for Bobo’s quarter million dollar raise sir.

          • Macallanlover

            And he ranks where in the SEC? UGA ranks where in football revenue/profits in the SEC? Our offense has been ranked where in the SEC and nationally in recent years? There is a pay scale, and we are out of line. I get your earlier point, you don’t have to follow a lone wolf overpaying, but we are the ones out of line where we are, or aspire to be. Easy to give a big raise when you are so far behind the level you should be, now make up the rest. Why the extension without the raise? It seems demeaning to me, and publicly so.

  12. Hank

    What a difference a couple of years makes. ..

  13. W Cobb Dawg

    So much for compensating people based upon performance. CMB is being penalized for our 8-5 record – and the losses were almost entirely the fault of lousy D and ST coaching.

    Let’s screw our best recruiters and most productive coaches in favor of the non-producers – history shows that always works.

  14. I imagine McG would be offering more if there were any decent schools out there making even a tacit attempt to hire him away.