I got nothing.

It’s a slow news day.  So let’s relive the last winning score of 2013.

Gurley’s great, of course, but what’s really worth a close look is what Kenarious Gates did on the play.  If you watch carefully, he creates the lane Gurley chugs through, throwing a block to his right and then turning around and picking off a defensive back to his other side.  It’s perfectly timed.  (You can see a bird’s-eye view of the play at about the 2:03 mark here.)

Gates is one of those guys who’s not going to surprise me if he turns out to have a decent pro career as an offensive guard.  It’s too bad for Gates that the Dawgs never really had a true left tackle, because he really would have shined as a full-time guard in college.



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  1. Senator, I think you are right about Gates as a guard. He was out of his element at left tackle, but he was always good when he moved down inside. Another of those weekend before signing day offers where people wanted to know why we offered him.


  2. Gates reminds me of Boling in that respect. Though I would call Boling a better tackle than Gates at the collegiate level, he was still best when he was at Guard. I have vivid memories of him out in space, pulling. He was like the guided photon torpedo at the end of Star Trek VI: powerful and inevitable. He destroyed people.


  3. Vad Lee would throw for 232 yards and 2 touchdowns. Yikes!


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      And leave Tech a disappointed young athlete….Oh Vad, we hardly knew ye.


    • Ugh…It probably kicked in at some point during the Missouri game, but that performance by Vad Lee just really solidified my complete indifference to whether Todd Grantham ever coached another game in Athens or not. Like the Senator, it’s not really my style to call for coach’s heads, but I had zero emotional investment in his continued employment in Athens after allowing a damned triple option QB shred his defense in the air.


    • Dog in Fla

      It’s Vlad, not Vad. The l is not silent. Any future misspellings will be run over by Mudcat’s Impaler


  4. Ben

    At the end of that clip that you linked (with the full highlights), I still get worried when that ball pops up in the air. I feel like it hung up there for forever, and I know every UGA fan in the world thought, “Not like this. Not again.” Luckily, the good guys won this time.


  5. Beer Money

    Coming soon to theaters near you: 12 Years A Slave (The Sequel): Mark Richt’s ownership of Georgia Tech.


    • Ben

      If not for 15 minutes in 2008, what might have been. I’ll never forgive Willie for teaching those kids to try to shoulder tackle on the sideline.


      • Beer Money

        Me neither. We still owe them several more ass whippings for that pitiful 2nd half.

        And just think: had Tech not played ineligible players and cheated like they are born to do, it would be like Florida’s streak against Kentucky or Notre dame’s old one against Navy.


      • MOTIVATION. Motivating the DB’s always seems to be at issue for Georgia.
        In a game that was mostly a defensive struggle, the Lanier Poets of Macon were ahead of the Warner Robins Demons 7-zip at half time. Stan Gann, ex Georgia Tech qb and High School DB coach was busy coaching us up when Frank Orgel, the D line coach and assistant HC walked up and began to chew us out.
        “If y’all don’t stop all that !!#%X titty bumping and start tackling like you wanna hurt somebody I’m run you till the ambulance comes for you Saturday morning. You hear me?!!!
        When he was through, Coach Gann calmly walked over to him and looked up. He was as close as one man can stand to another…in those days. Gann was all of 5’8. Coach Orgel was 6’3″. He had to crane his neck to get a good look. Orgel was at one time a DE for Auburn and it was rumored at the time, the Buffalo Bills.
        Gann: If your done here Coach I’ll go back to what we were trying to get done. We’ll stop the “titty bumping”. It would help if your D line didn’t give that quarterback all day to throw the ball. OK Coach.?”
        Now I don’t know if coaches plan that stuff or not. But it worked. It was money. Lanier didn’t catch a pass in the second half or score again. But the Demons lost. 7-6.
        True to his word Orgel ran us till we fed the birds Saturday morning.
        After that night we didn’t play for Warner Robins HS anymore. We didn’t play for Coach Orgel. Or his Warner Robins Demons.
        We played for Stan “the man” Gann.
        We went 9-1.


    • Dawg19


      Stealing that one, Sir.


  6. Gates would have been better at guard, no question. He has a chance to play in the NFL if he steps up his game. He would have been great if he had ever gotten himself in top shape.

    Of course, he is just like the rest of the group. I suspect nutrition is a part of it, that we don’t eat right, especially during the season. But there’s more to it than that, as we’ve talked about before.