I still got nothing.

I heard this story for the first time yesterday, so if some of you already know it, I apologize.

There was a rather famous brothel in Rome, Georgia called Peggy’s that operated into the seventies before the place burned down.

Anyway, Peggy’s placed an ad in the 1963 Georgia Tech yearbook.  I kid you not.

Boy, some things never change on that campus.


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10 responses to “I still got nothing.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    The only way a nerd can get laid.


  2. Reservoir Dawg

    GIve ’em a little credit. Ever heard of Effie’s?


    • Sure. But I don’t think Effie’s advertised in a Georgia yearbook.


      • Hank

        Maybe not, but she advertised in her own way. I remember as a kid asking why is that red light always on. I guess that light was cheaper than an ad.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I had a friend in college in Athens who didn’t date–at all. He said dating was a waste of time and money. He asked the rhetorical question: “How much do you spend on a date and then not end up getting laid or even having fun, and isn’t that really what happens most of the time?” His premise was to save the money that he would have spent on dates and whenever he got horny he just would go to Effies. He said had a lot fewer hassles with women that the rest of us and got plenty enough tail to keep himself happy. I’m not sure I agree but that was his way of dealing with it.


  3. Fire caused the demise of more than one entertainment facility. 😉
    “Effie Mathews hung out a red lantern in 1919 and she survived for more than 50 years. She never advertised; she didn’t have to. People just knew. In the earlier days a lot of students went there for their first experience. Later they didn’t have to.”

    Read more here: http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/2013/06/21/2552926/richard-hyatt-book-tells-of-demise.html#storylink=cpy


  4. Irishdawg

    Tech students going to a cathouse is a step up from today’s practice of Tech students just building sex robots.


  5. “Peggy’s Rome Georgia. Need we say more?”

    There I fixed the copy. Thanks for the laugh this morning Senator.


  6. One of my Doctors in B’Ham had one of those bricks in his office. He was so proud to show it off to his patients, even the Alabama Grads.


  7. shane#1

    I never graced Effie’s doorstep, not that I was too upstanding a young man to go there, just never had the chance. Born too late. Many young UGA men from this area came home and told their stories to us younger guys. Some of them were may have been true. I am not sure that the crime rate wasn’t lower and the girls better off than when the houses were shut down and the girls put out on the street. Pimps use drugs and abuse to control the girls now and there is no Madam to look after them.