An inspiring story

Here’s what got Georgia and Florida in the mood to wear home jerseys in Jax this year:

The uniform change, according to Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley, came about after a Gators fan sent him a picture from a game during the 1960s. In the picture, Florida quarterback Steve Spurrier was being tackled by a Georgia player in a red jersey.

I hope it was a Stanfill sack.  Maybe they can show the play on the big screen during the game.


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9 responses to “An inspiring story

  1. We should send our guys to work on farms like Stanfill. Strength training at its best.


  2. mwo

    I wouldn’t insult a pig by comparing it to Spurrier.


  3. Kevin Sauer

    They should only let the previous year’s winner wear home. Make-It, Take-It.


  4. JN

    I played ball with Stanfill’s son from little leagues through high school. Stanfill was the best 1st base coach in America on those all-star teams…one of the funniest people I’ve ever been around. We used to constantly ask him to tell the “Spurrier moaning like a woman” stories to us. They were priceless.


  5. Bulldawg165

    Wait, so I read the post that says both teams CAN wear their home jerseys, but have the schools came out and said that they ARE going to do so?


  6. I Wanna Red Cup

    Thank you Senator for this post. The Stanfill article is just great. Appreciate your efforts to entertain us fools every day.


  7. Anon

    Since the 60s huh… I’m sure some idiots won’t want to do this because it messes with “tradition”