Sometimes it’s not what you’re selling, but who your market is.

Damian Swann said something about his new defensive coordinator that made me think:

“We knew what he’s done in the past, we knew where he came from,” senior cornerback Damian Swann said. “He’s been at Alabama, he’s been at Florida State, he’s won national titles. He knows what it takes and he’s been a part of it. That made a lot of guys excited and a lot of guys were ready to get right back into football.”

Remember when we were excited that Georgia was selling Grantham’s NFL background to recruits, who seemed to be impressed by that?  It seems like once they got to campus and spent a year or two in the trenches, knowing what it takes to win at the college level became a whole lot more attractive.



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7 responses to “Sometimes it’s not what you’re selling, but who your market is.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Regardless what makes them excited in March 2010 or March 2014, the proof is in the pudding come September. On the other hand, whatever it takes to motivate the boneheads, I’m all for it.


  2. SouthGaDawg

    Talk is talk. Let’s see come Clemson if the action is any different than with CTG. I’m betting that the change is for the good.


  3. Never thought any association with the NFL was a great advantage for college coaches. Not even Litlle Nicky or SOS did well in that arena. We are gonna like what we see come Clemson.


  4. 69Dawg

    Ah youts they can really get excited before the fact. I’m waiting on the Dawg Days of summer when the going gets tough. Last years team was talented but they couldn’t or wouldn’t do the fundamentals. Give me guys who can assume the role and execute the plan, screw the freelance stuff that we have seen so much of in college and the pros. Hustle and fundamentals will beat freelancing all day long. We had so many guys in position to make a play last year and they just missed the tackle. Still SMH thinking of it.


  5. Spike

    Look who is talking…Swann, of all people, could stand some serious “coaching up” by the new DC.


  6. Tom

    Tired of drinkin the Kool-Aid. Want that Bourbon in Sept.


  7. CannonDawg

    I don’t have any doubt that Pruitt’s arrival will create a far higher energy level not only among those seeking starting roles but with those trying to continue in starting roles. That sort of open, clean-slate competition should generate a level of ferocity that we rarely saw on Grantham’s watch. And it should carry over into the season, as well. Whether it’s enough to put us in the defensive-elite category for 2014 will remain to be seen.

    But honestly, I’m liking our chances. Pruitt seems to be a skilled teacher, and that may be the single biggest missing piece (along, of course, with Grantham’s taking his underachieving arse on up the road).