I’ll take losing streaks that will continue for $200, Alex.

Heather Dinich draws the short straw on having to answer one of those delightful invented topics that ESPN makes its college football conference bloggers deal with on a seemingly endless basis.

We started a series this week looking at some of the ACC’s most meaningful rivalries, and predicting whether the most recent trends are going to change in 2014. Can the underdogs stop the losing streaks?

It’s Georgia Tech’s turn to answer:

Um, that would be a “no”.


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2 responses to “I’ll take losing streaks that will continue for $200, Alex.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Dinich really put together a hard hitting, well researched article there. My 14 year old should be covering the ACC for ESPN if that’s what qualifies as journalism.


  2. Spike

    What Tennessee Dawg said….^^^^