It’s just business, Brent.

Man, this is cold:  ESPN informed Brent Musburger that he would not call next season’s national championship game in the press box before the BCS title game in January.  Because, I guess, some decisions just can’t wait.  (At least the suits didn’t give him the good news Christmas Eve.)

I hope they had the decency not to mention teaming him with Jesse Palmer until later.


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6 responses to “It’s just business, Brent.

  1. The mistaken identity was the final straw I think.

    But he didn’t help himself with the girl watching.
    We are a society that will watch a tv program called Cougar Town wink about lady school teachers having sex with under aged boys but we by golly won’t tolerate male senior citizens oggling the ladies. 😉 Interesting. It was getting a bit tiresome and it was material for the comedians. I’m sure it made the suits uptight.


    • Honestly, I think this was more about Chris Fowler’s demands than Musburger’s horndoggery.


      • Gotcha!
        I don’t think it is anything secret internally what I want the next [role] for me to be at ESPN. I don’t think that is a mystery given the landscape. It’s why GameDay is a unique standalone thing for me. It doesn’t act or feel like a studio show. But the live events are the most inspiring, unexplored thing for me. I really have a passion to document live events as they happen. Hosting is wonderful and remains really satisfying, but the joy for me is calling big matches. Fowler


        • Russ

          Fowler is a decent enough announcer but he strikes me as a huge pompous ass that’s very impressed with himself. I’d rather watch Rece Davis.


  2. Macallanlover

    Extremely poor judgment on ESPN’s part for their timing of telling Musburger that bit of news. but not surprising either. As for his comments on Katherine Webb, he may have dwelled on it too long but I also don’t get the continued criticism of him for that. I am much more worried about men that aren’t in agreement of her beauty, or make the connection that successful QB’s seem to have more choices than the average male.