Warp speed, my ass

I suspect this is really the sound Gus Malzahn makes when he’s doubling down on tweaking Nick Saban:

“We think we can be quite a bit faster,” he said in his pre-spring press conference. “There were times last year [when] we had a lot of new people out there, a lot of moving parts, and as you get more comfortable, the faster you can get.”

If Gus is saying his team will come out of the gate this season more polished than it started 2013, no argument here.  The Tigers were a different offense in the SECCG than they were against Washington State. But to pretend there’s some magical higher gear he can move things to from where Auburn finished last season… I ain’t buying it.

Auburn can be better on offense, even with the loss of Tre Mason, if Marshall’s passing skills further develop.  But faster?  Eh.



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9 responses to “Warp speed, my ass

  1. Only thing I can think is that they didn’t go into their super fast speed until they got a first down or two usually on any given drive. Unless he’s referring to kicking in that pace earlier in the drive, I agree with you, it’s just no possible to go much faster than they did at times towards the end of the season.


    • I agree with you, it’s just no possible to go much faster than they did at times towards the end of the season.

      I agree too. There’s also the question of how fast the SEC officials will let them go. That question is still being explored. I hope they’re going to slow it down a bit, not as a prime intention, but so as to give the officials themselves, consequently the defense, opportunity to be set.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Wrong guys. They can go faster. 10 seconds from the time the ball is placed they’ll be snapping it. Every down. Just wait.


        • I know. But the time it takes to put the ball in play is where the officials have control. They can slow it down if they want to. The SEC officials have only been going insane pace for two years or so. And quite often, they’re not even getting set themselves, and the League is looking at that.

          If the League wants to slow it down, they can slow it down. And there’s nothing Auburn or anybody else can do about it. I hope they do, except the last two minutes of the half, etc., back to the way it was 3 or 4 years ago.


  2. Hes just challenging himself to get off a few snaps under 10 seconds just to tweak Saban during the Iron Bowl.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    I thought he was talking about Auburn’s recruiting bag men getting faster making their drops.


  4. Derek

    I think that they will miss that big, athletic LT and Mason a lot. Mason was the perfect back for that system; small enough to hide but still capable of running over people like the FSU safety for Auburn’s last score. Ironically, if Mason goes down there Auburn probably wins the game.

    Another thing that gives me hope is that we were depleted on offense and terrible on D and we were one ludicrous play away from winning at their place.

    Finally, I loved Pruitt’s game plan for Auburn. Very aggressive and designed to attack Marshall, get him uncomfortable and make him act quicker than he wanted. Pruitt wants negative plays on first down to make them be more predictable on subsequent downs and he’s willing to give up a big play here or there rather than catch these 15 and 16 play down your throat drives that demoralize a defense.


  5. I hope we beat the hell out of Auburn in Athens this year and give Marshall a Colt Brennan-style of punishment. I guarantee the Georgia crowd will be on Marshall from the first play from scrimmage (may be a red-out weekend like LSU). Then, I hope Saban has something special in mind when they come to T-town and the Tide just blows the Tigers into the next week.