Where’s the moral outrage now?

Here’s a helluva lede:

The dispute between two Florida State teammates that allegedly led to a December shooting and an attempted murder charge for a third-party man has now also reportedly resulted in the arrest of one of the Seminoles involved.

The Tallahassee Democrat reported that redshirt freshman offensive lineman Ira Denson was arrested Tuesday and charged with illegal use of a credit card and petty theft.

Herbstreit’s Twitter feed?  Crickets.  Herbie’s too busy with March Madness, I guess.

Fisher’s dismissed Denson from the team.  But that’s hardly relevant if you want to vent about coaches and programs creating lax atmospheres in which players don’t seem all that concerned about the consequences of their bad actions.  Of course, it’s possible Herbstreit views FSU as a place where there’s little history of poor behavior… yeah, that’s it.  That’s the ticket.

All of which is why I think Jerry Hinnen gets what we’re morally outraged about with regard to this bullshit.


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  1. Reservoir Dawg

    Apparently we matter enough to warrant a little trash talk. Herbie’s always had a hardon for UGA. He was creepin’ our coeds long before Furburger wanted to be the man meat in a Webb/Bonner sammich. Bad publicity is better than none. Better they’re talking about you than not talking at all. All his comments do is underscore the fact we handled our crap straight up.


  2. Tim

    Hinnen gets it right. UGA gets called lax but Auburn gets to the MNC game with one of the players Richt boots and all the story is “redemption”. Same with Mett at LSU. Great stories for the teams that take the booted players as if nothing ever happened. If Crowell landed at an SEC school it would have been the same. Richt is soft hearted and forgiving but Malzahn and Miles get praised for “second chances”. Just wish our boys wouldn’t do dumb things but it can’t be blamed on the coaches at this point. Unless you’re with ESPN.


    • DawgByte

      UGA as a program and a fan base has no leg to stand here! The track record is there for everyone to see. It’s not just Herbie who’s commented on it. Visor Boy admits he loves playing Georgia early in the year, because he’s come to expect we’re missing 3-5 of our top players. He can set his watch to our brain damaged players screwing up.

      This annual numb nut mistake fest is getting old and is hurting the team. Herbie, Rome and anyone else has the right to roll their eyes at UGA and say, “Here we go again!”


      • Dboy


        4 football players at UT perpetrated and armed robbery in a prius a few years ago, FSU players involved in a homocide, UF now infamous Tight end was questionably in gang murders while in college, AU players involved in felony robberies, Honey Badger fails multiple drug test and is ultimately expelled …. that is off the top of my head in the past 3-5 years…. from a casual CFB observer. I really don’t think that UGA has worse characters on their football teams than other SEC schools. However, since we hand out 3-5 suspensions for one positive drug test or riding a schooter w/o a driver’s license and kick out players for generally non violent crimes (Crowell, Marshal, Mett), we look like our players are in trouble disproportionally to other programs. Where in reality, other programs simply don’t punish their players / publicize the punishments.


  3. I might argue that Hinnen undersells it a little.

    Remember when Kelvin Sampson slipped off to Indiana, and everyone was wondering why the coach was allowed to get off scott free for cheating at a school while the school suffered? That narrative seemed to be coming to a head then. It’s been awhile since a coach in this position left one school (in the lurch, as it were) and then wound up at another. Why aren’t we seeing ESPN articles about it now?


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Herbstreit might be laying low after getting his head bit off.


    • Normaltown Mike

      He’s too stupid for that. He’s probably getting a pedi and has been reading US Weekly, missing the story.


  5. Could be Herbie is still pissy over his performance in the ’93 Citrus Bowl.
    “That time He wanted to make something happen quickly over the middle and it just wasn’t there and he was stuck with nothing to do- that’s what happened. Often times when he pulls it back that’s what happens he does get stuck. He’s not a great mobile quarterback ..he’s not a great runner… as a matter of fact this year he has run the ball 70 TIMES because he has more or less had to and he has lost 41 yards.” His last play of the game was an INT.


    • i was just about to post this until you beat me to it… Herbie was beaten with a Heisman Trophy winner in his backfield if I remember correctly (Robert Smith?) and has likely never lost the pain from that. I actually enjoy him on most days but it’s pretty clear there’s a dislike for the UGA program underlying for him. He openly campaigned against UGA playing in the MNC game in ’07 “because they didn’t even play for their division championship” then openly campaigned for Alabama despite the same reasoning…

      Like I said, overall I enjoy him but I take anything he says about UGA with a BIG grain of salt.


  6. Russ

    Hinnen gets it.


  7. Dog in Fla

    I doubt Jimbo’s commitment to sparkle motion and loving his players


  8. Nate Dawg

    I’d like to boycott Herbie this year. Missing Gameday & his spots on espn shows will be easy. But what to do about the 8pm abc game as I flip around on a Sat night? Other than the mute button – anyone have any suggestions for a not-very-tech-savy Dawg fan?


    • Macallanlover

      That game is rarely my choice for Saturday night viewing, usually there is a game of more interest to me on so all I have to see are the highlights. Usually two SEC games on other channels. I can live with that 3-4 times a season.


  9. Signal Mtn Dawg

    Hey, I get it…….but let’s not be concerned about Auburn, LSU or FSU…… or a certain South Carolina QB that had 5 DUI’s and keyed a professrs car without missing a game…….until the next QB proved to better position the team to win. I am more concerned about UGA. You can not deny the number of knucklehead issues the football program deals with. In a way, Herbstreit is correct in that the players are not fearful of losing their privileges……and UGA seems to lead headlines every year in this regard. I think the bigger issue is that everyone likes, respects and would like to see Richt be successful as his teams feature talent, but every year find ways to take themselves out of the picture…….and here we go again? Not talking injuries…..injuries can derail a promising season. Talking about a bigger picture in preparedness, fitness, teaching, and on field performance. Last won the SEC in 2005.

    Richt has positioned UGA…..but this program falls short when compared with peers. So, with all that said……I love Richt as our HC. I am optimistic that the staff is the best its been since his early years. Bobo has grown into a top OC. Pruitt is similar to Bobo and and comes from a great coaching tree with results…… Martinez was not the answer…and Granthams defense seemed to underwhelm at key moments more than take over. Cant wait for next season…….10 wins is possible.


    • Dawgwalker07

      The reason that UGA seems to lead the headlines every year though is because we don’t cover crap up and we actually discipline our players. If Herbstreit is too dumb to figure that out and respect it maybe he shouldn’t be trying to influence the national narrative about which institutions have player issues.

      I would argue that kids not being afraid of losing their privileges is not a UGA problem, but a college-aged kid problem. That’s why it happens everywhere. The difference is how each institution handles the situation.

      And I understand what you’re saying about UGA falling short compared to its peers, but the only difference, in my opinion, is luck. If UGA had won a NC in 2002, 2007, or 2012 (which we very well could have in any of those years) I don’t think anyone is all that concerned with the direction the program is taking or how Richt runs things. The reason we’re concerned now is because we’re seeing crystal balls piling up in our conference competitions’ trophy cases.

      I too am optimistic for this season. Let’s hope the defense and ST shows some solid improvement and that the offense can function well without Murray.


      • 79dawg

        Well said.
        I would like to know what specific steps the “need more fear” crowd would suggest we implement? We have kicked multiple players off the team; we have (stupidly) reported our own players to the police.
        Coach Richt can’t order some sort of summary execution by firing squad; he can’t order that their families be burned out of their homes. There are simply some people (each of us knows some) that you just can’t get through to…


  10. James

    “Fisher’s dismissed Denson from the team. But that’s hardly relevant if you want to vent about coaches and programs creating lax atmospheres in which players don’t seem all that concerned about the consequences of their bad actions.”

    Senator, isn’t that actually incredibly relevant?


  11. Signal Mtn Dawg

    Maybe we will be TOP 5…….in Fulmer Cup standings!


  12. Bulldog Joe

    Winning championships and having your community “all-in” solves most public-relations issues.


  13. red dawg

    Herbstreit is still bitter about losing to us in the Citrus bowl back in the day thats why he always talks bad about UGA