On the horns of a philosophical dilemma

My feeling is that once somebody leaves college ball for the pros, my blogging interest in them is over, barring the occasional return to the nest, so to speak.

So I have a problem:  with the demise of the GPOOE™’s professional football aspirations and his landing a gig on the SEC Network, does that mean I have to start finding and mocking TebowFluff™ again?


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5 responses to “On the horns of a philosophical dilemma

  1. AthensHomerDawg

    TebowFluff® Cool Touch Brand Tissues *****
    Dear Senator,
    I was 2 days into a 10 day illness and not doing well . It was while at the Auburn game that I discovered your product. Late in the 4th quarter one of the men that sits in my section offered me one. I had been using the tissues my workplace provides and couldn’t take it anymore. BTW I have my own office so I wasn’t infecting co-workers. Any way, I love your product so much that I bought a dozen of them. I have them at work, at home (in every room), at my tailgate and at my stadium seat. PS If there is ever a zombie apocalypse this is one of the items I am making sure I have in my survival kit

    Fellow GTPer.
    (X) yes I would recommend this product.


  2. Reservoir Dawg

    Tiny Tears will have to adopt. You gots to get some to make a baby.


  3. 69Dawg

    The SEC and ESPN have just insured the destruction of hundreds if not thousands of TV sets in the Southeast region. The first time Tim has anything to do with a broadcast involving Florida I guarantee he will make a total ass of himself. He will not be able to control his emotions for UF. He couldn’t when he played and he won’t when he broadcasts. This will insure irate fans of the Gayturd’s opponents throwing things at their TV’s as a spontaneous act. It’s going to be soooo damn bad.