I don’t know if amateurism builds character…

… but it can hone a sense of sarcasm pretty well.


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17 responses to “I don’t know if amateurism builds character…

  1. Timphd

    Somebody be sure Keith knows not to double cash his stipend checks.

  2. godawg

    Don’t worry Keith, I have a job and I’m still broke.

    • Normaltown Mike

      No kidding. The older I get, the more insolvent I become.

      Such is life.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I have a theory that the IRS has a computer program that figures out that if you have “X” amount of income, then you will spend “Y” on living expenses, so they have the tax rates set to take EVERY CENT YOU HAVE LEFT OVER.

        • godawg

          My trouble is that when I have a problem I throw money at it…unfortunately I have more problems than money.

  3. DawgPhan

    He has been killing it on twitter recently.

  4. Alabama

    You mean he can’t sign autographs at a men’s store at the mall or work at a booster’s car dealership? Plenty of work to be had.

  5. Class of '98

    I’m a huge Georgia fan, and I love Keith Marshall, but he’s free to get a job any time he wants. He just needs to leave the football team, and he is free to go work for anyone willing to hire him.

    • DawgPhan

      He just isnt free to go get a job doing the thing he is best at and can’t have a job if he wants to continue to get better at his chosen skill.

      • HVL Dawg

        I’m best at watching TV and I can’t get a job doing that either.

        So Keith, come join me in the salt mine for $10 an hour. You wont be broke anymore.

        Sounds like some of the workers aren’t enjoying life on the plantation.

        • DawgPhan

          I am guessing that you arent an upper tier TV watching prospect like Keith is at football.

          But make no mistake there are people who get paid to watch TV, you just arent good enough at it. Maybe if you really applied yourself and gave up your other opportunities to make a living you might be able to get a job watching TV.

  6. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    There’s an app for that …

  7. Ben

    Y’all should give him a follow just to see his breakdown of the TV show “Scandal.” He seems like a good and funny kid, and I hope he has a healthy year this year, growing into the TB we all know he can be.

    • DawgPhan

      Twitter is a lot of fun. I dont follow all the athletes, but Marshall and Gurley are solid on twitter. Watts Danzler is also very good. Chris Conley and a couple others as well. Start using twitter everyone.

      • lamontsanford

        I wish whoever had the fake Isaiah Crowell twitter still tweeted. I’d like to meet them. They were hysterical. Maybe they are still up: @FakeIsaiahCrow1

        There was a fake Mark Richt one that was great too. “Still Breaking down Auburn film. I can’t figure out Chizik’s short sleeved wind breaker. What is it? What kind of weather is it for?”

        If either of you people are on this board. Thanks for the laughs!


    He should ask his parents if they are glad he can tote a football. I am guessing if he couldn’t they would be more broke or his arse would not be In College.