Spring has sprung.

Plenty of juicy nuggets in Gentry Estes’ list of things to know from the first week of spring practice, the two most intriguing being…

  • Offensive line depth:  “The difference now is that there seems more risk of a second-stringer doing something to take a job as opposed to a first-stringer doing something to lose a job.”
  • Escaping the doghouse?:  “It’s way too early in spring to draw any definitive conclusions about lineups and depth charts under new coordinator Jeremy Pruitt, but AT THIS POINT, these two players’ standing looks to have increased a bit from where it was to end last season under the previous regime: Toby Johnson and Brendan Langley.”

Bonus snarky observation:

Perhaps the biggest switch is that first, second and third units are all practicing simultaneously on different fields to maximize reps and experience. Georgia has the depth to this now…

Better late than never.



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5 responses to “Spring has sprung.

  1. Bulldog Joe

    Everyone practices? All the time?

    Even the green shirts?

    They’re finally closing the country club?

    Say it ain’t so!



    Seems like more guys practicing would make for better conditioning for all.


  3. Dawgfan Will

    Could the apparent previous lack of simultaneous practices for all three units have been due to not having enough assistants to supervise? It might have been a bit like a teacher wanting to differentiate for three groups of students but having difficulty accomplishing it because there is only one instructor. Might we finally have the depth in advisory positions to make it happen now?