Women weaken legs.

Okay, it’s not a football story, and it encompasses a serious topic (“Treat women with respect.”), but as Seth Emerson relates, the Georgia men’s basketball program has some very detailed policies on how its players should conduct their love lives that I think you need to be made aware of.  Specifically,

  • Don’t spend all of your energy in the bed all night;

  • Hicky’s (sic)/passion marks should not be ever noticed by coaches;

  • One. Not two or three girlfriends.

That may help explain why Fox’ recruiting never gets over the hump.

Now, back to football.


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12 responses to “Women weaken legs.

  1. I don’t know that this hurts. There is a rule about no orgies. If you have to outlaw orgies aren’t you kind of saying that orgies are a possibility? Kind of like telling your recruit that one of UGA’s problems is too many good looking and willing women.


  2. DawgPhan

    Yeah I really dont know how to take it. It seems a little weird at first read, but then seems like every athlete sexual assault story starts with group sex. I know that isnt always the outcome and not to trivialize sexual assault but that seems like a precursor.


  3. Dog in Fla

    It’s a conspiracy to sap and impurify even if they don’t take away your stirrups like they do on the equestrian team


  4. No idea how it might affect recruiting for football, but I liked each one of the rules.


  5. Charles

    “That may help explain why Fox’ recruiting never gets over the hump.”

    I see what you did there.


  6. 81Dog

    I don’t know which is a sadder commentary: that someone needed to put this in writing, or that it may actually harm recruiting


  7. Bulldog Joe

    Most of these guys are covered in tattoos and we’re worried about hickeys?

    This may help explain why we’re getting shutout this year.



  8. Wonder why the Men’s Basketball rules are the most stringent?


  9. Bulldog Joe

    I would figure our women’s basketball rules are stringent too, given how difficult it is to compete while pregnant.