We must protect these hedges.

I didn’t realize that Boise State has a federal trademark on its blue artificial turf.  But it does.  So when a high school that shares its football field with a college asked permission to install blue turf, the Broncos said no.

You may find BSU’s rationale for that pertinent.

She [Rachael Bickerton, director of trademark licensing and enforcement for the university,] compared the blue turf at Boise State to “Touchdown Jesus” at Notre Dame or “Between the Hedges” at the University of Georgia.

I wonder if anybody’s brought this to the attention of Stewart Mandel’s buddies in Montana.

(h/t HVL Dawg)


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10 responses to “We must protect these hedges.

  1. JG Shellnutt

    Yeah, but Idaho is a long way from Montana…oh wait, never mind.


  2. Merk

    Wait people outside of Ga know the UGA exists…unpossible


  3. That was the most fun video I have ever seen. Those folks in Montana are interesting and somewhat isolated.


  4. Dawgoholic

    We haven’t trademarked the hedges. Even UF has hedges around their field. Stil, the quality of the hedges at UF is pretty bad,. In fact, I have no idea why UF hasn’t made them better or taken them up.


  5. So does this mean we can make other schools who have hedges around their field (of which there are more than a few) pull them up? We can probably contract Harvey to handle the shrubbery over in Auburn for us on the cheap.


  6. mp

    “Between the Hedges” is trademarked since 1981 by UGA. Tougher to dictate Auburn & Florida’s landscaping.


    • Yet somehow Boise can, since they trademarked having blue turf in general, instead of the phrase “Smurf Turf” which I think would be the more apples to apples comp with Georgia’s “between the hedges” vs simply surrounding your field privet.


      • mp

        Yes, but Georgia probably could have done the same thing when only UGA had the hedges (not sure what law was like in 1929 but assuming you wouldn’t get laughed out of the courtroom). Once hedges started popping up all around, you are likely asking for a prohibition on anyone else adding them. I believe your burden to overcome would be the contention that they are so common that you shouldn’t have claim to stop future uses. (A lawyer can likely tell me how wrong I am to make such ridiculous claims.)


  7. Cojones

    Yes, it’s the expression that’s trademarked, not the shrubbery. “Between the hedges” is a threat like “Fuck you!”, “Up yours!”, or some other warning epithet, but it doesn’t keep opposing players from snapping off souvenir twigs or peeing in them. I’m for electric wires inside the hedge that gives a cattle prod shot to the next defiler or urinatenemy.

    Then, and only then, we will have a hedge that is dominate and less vulnerable than FU’s O line.