You may want the SEC Network sooner than you think.

Marc Weiszer mentions something you might want to file away in the back of your head.

Georgia associate athletic director Alan Thomas said on AM 680 The Fan this morning that the first event on the new SEC Network would be a Georgia women’s soccer game at Ole Miss. The date of that game hasn’t been announced yet. The SEC Network’s launch date is Aug. 14.

Thomas pushed for Georgia fans to let their cable and satellite providers know they want the SEC Network. There are deals in place with AT&T U-verse and Dish Network. There was an even an implication that Georgia’s football game at South Carolina on Sept. 13 could be on the SEC Network, but considering that the only other SEC game that week is Kentucky-Florida that seems improbable because CBS has the first pick of SEC games each week.  [Emphasis added.]

I’m not sure about that last point, though.  Doesn’t CBS have the broadcast rights to the US Open for the last time this year?  If so, it won’t be broadcasting a conference game that week.  Which means you’d best start making plans on how you’re gonna watch that game.


UPDATE:  tbia points out in the comments that the US Open ends on 9/8 this season, a week earlier than in the past.  So Marc’s point stands.  (Unless there’s something else going on we don’t know about, of course.)


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10 responses to “You may want the SEC Network sooner than you think.

  1. tbia

    Tournament ends on the 8th.


  2. The Senator and Marc keeping us informed and pumped!


  3. hassan

    The SEC Network launches on August 14th. Tim Tebow’s birthday is August 14th. Coincidence?!?!

    Discuss amongst yourselves.


  4. steve

    US Open ending same weekend as always. We’re playing SC a week later.


  5. If not CBS, or ABC, seems it would be on ESPN or ESPN2, as it usually is. That’s too big of a game to be pushed down to the SECN.


    • stoopnagle

      Ha. The joke will be on you. They can and will move games people want to watch to SECN. It will not be treated like CSS. The SEC, schools and ESPN have too much invested to let us all sit here and say: “No, I’d rather not pay a higher cable bill for the sports pack so I can watch Georgia 2-3 x a year.”

      Although, that’s exactly what I am going to tell them. I’m not about to willingly pay more for something I was already getting especially when I had an eternal home-and-home series with Missouri crammed down my throat whilst going to Colorado or Arizona were simultaneously stolen away.

      All of this non-sense is just going to make it easier for me to keep the money I send to DirecTV every month and do away with the one-eyed monster for good.

      (Full Disclosure: I live and work in ATH, can easily go to home games, and have access to most away game tickets. Not everyone does, but for now, I’ll just go to the damn South Carolina game.)