Fluke you.

Great.  It’s not enough that we had to watch it happen… and keep seeing it again.  Now Auburn’s using its winning play in last year’s Georgia game as kinda, sorta motivation for this season.

Q: How much do you think your guys are motivated by hearing some people try and say some of what happened last year was ‘flukish’ and that it was some sort of one-year wonder and they want to prove these guys are here to stay on top of the SEC?

Lashlee: I think they’re motivated by that. I think they’re motivated by being so close and not finishing. You feel like you had an opportunity to do something more special than people thought you could do and we didn’t just finish it the way we wanted. There’s the motivation in that in and of itself.

I don’t get too caught up in “flukish” and I don’t know that our guys do. It take some breaks to get to the national championship game. Doesn’t matter who you are. Obviously, the catch at Georgia is the one everybody thinks about…

I can think of another team that should be using that game as motivation.  And not of the kinda, sorta variety, either.


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  1. heyberto

    It was a fluke, and they got lucky that they didn’t lose the game. The Alabama game, Saban practically handed it to them.. they might’ve still won in overtime. I’ve always said that good teams have a chance to take advantage of luck… Auburn certainly was. But they weren’t the best team in the SEC either.


  2. 81Dog

    as much as everyone talks about the bonehead defensive play that gave up the winning score, it irks me that no one ever talks about the earhole shot on Aaron Murray by Dee Ford that should have been called, giving UGA one last shot at the end zone. As hard as we tried to blow that game, we were probably about a quarter second more of protection from winning it. But, we didnt win.

    If Auburn fans think that game is a sign of much other than pure dumb luck, well, bless their hearts.


    • Nate Dawg

      This this this this this this this!
      Other than that established rule it was ok to hit AM (see: many examples), this.
      I am, however, affraid that while the play WAS a fluke, their offense will not be in the forseeable future.


    • Dawg19




  3. William

    I can’t understand how Tray Matthews doesn’t use that play for motivation. I know it was embarassing to a degree for him. But he was in position to make a play. Maybe take that anger and apply it towards being dominate* and taking sole control of the starting spot. That way he can make sure (as much as one can playing such a violent sport) that he is the starter for the Auwbarn game, so he can make them pay (a la Mr. Battle).


  4. Warden182

    I look forward to a repeat of the last time we had a “revenge game” against Auburn. Following the Cam & Nick squad, we proceeded to curb stomp them by a combined 83-7 over the following 2 years.


  5. Turd Ferguson

    As long as Jeremy Pruitt is also using it as motivation, I don’t give two squirts of piss about Auburn.


    • Bulldawg165

      Yeah our pass defense was pretty awful. The way I look at it is if we were to run the play again they would probably still make the completion, albeit probably under different circumstances (i.e. a clean catch and not a tipped pass).

      We got just as lucky that Marshall made a terrible throw to a receiver who had our secondary beat.


    • Sanford222view

      No it wasn’t. We were actually in position to make a play on the ball in that situation. The other big plays given up by the D were usually the result of a blown assignment and someone being wide open. Marshal threw into double coverage and J(T)HC deflected the ball away from Tray Matthews and it luckily (for Auburn) went directly into the hands of the receiver who wasn’t even in position to catch the ball where it was thrown.


      • Bulldog Joe

        You’re right. The fluke was we were actually in position to make the play.

        I’ll take back what I said.


      • JonDawg

        You also left out the part where the Auburn receiver couldn’t even find the ball with his eyes until it literally fell into his open left hand. That one will always sting.


      • JonDawg

        What most certainly wasn’t a fluke, was that once we started spreading them out with our offense, we got back into a game that judging by our first half production, we had no business being in at all.


  6. mwo

    It wasn’t a fluke play at all, Auburn makes plays like that every time they snap the ball. That is why they are calling it ” the miracle at Jordan-Haire”. Miracles are mundane occurences and happen every day, right? I love my truck. Auburn will always suck!


  7. Rhino

    Senator, you come up with some great titles to your posts, but this has to be your best.


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    This just burns me up. I say we go down there and poison their beloved trees… Oh, ah never mind.


  9. ME

    Auburn is Auburn and will always be Auburn. No values, morals, character, ethics, etc. Anything to win is what Auburn represents. Low class striving to make others respect them through shallow illegitimate sports accomplishments. They can have & keep their “pride” & I will continue to shake my head & just laugh at what the value in life. I would rather lose honorably than be like Auburn.