Musical palate cleanser, no distractions edition

Agent Muschamp is a bit preoccupied these days.

In his honor, here’s Bergenfield, New Jersey’s finest, The Knickerbockers, with their 1966 single, “One Track Mind”.


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5 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, no distractions edition

  1. DawgPhan

    I love the idea of some grad assistant trying to explain the NLRB decision to Coach Boom.


    • A Gator Gradulate Assistant

      GA: Well…ummm…coach, the players now have to be treated like employees.

      BOOM: What?!

      GA: Yeah, like with benefits, workers comp, and they’ll unionize.

      BOOM: They’re becoming damn Yankees?!

      GA: No, no. Ummm…they’ll just be able to negotiate work conditions, hours, pay….

      BOOM: Pay?! Hell, the Gator Club is already slipping them enough each week for guns and drugs what more do they want?!

      GA: The booster are slipping them money?

      BOOM: No…nothing. You didn’t hear that. What did you mean by “work conditions”?

      GA: Well, they can collectively bargain and sue the coaches for creating a hostile work environment.

      BOOM: Sue the coaches!? F that! For what?

      GA: Like swearing and stuff.

      BOOM: (The following had been edited for excessive abusive language and violent acts against humanity). Now quit bleeding, get up and get the O-line back to practicing one-on-one blocking drills with each other. I’m the dominate one here and no damn players are gonna tell me s**t about how to run our team!


  2. 81Dog

    Boom is actually pretty smart. His job depends a lot more on getting his cart out of the ditch than it does on reading NLRB decisions. If I was him, I’d be spending all my time watching film, not reading advance sheets. Besides, I’m guessing Boom isn’t much of a reader, anyway.


  3. Nashville West

    Sorry Senator, you got the wrong Knickerbockers song. It should be “Lies! Lies! I can’t believe a word you say…”

    Oh well, maybe you can use Lies for the occasional Corch sighting.


  4. IndyDawg

    “Can you tell me what happened?”
    Hasn’t this been Boom’s reponse after every Georgia-Florida game in which he’s been involved?