“Faton and Brice are battling it out.”

C’mon, Coach.  What’s the point of having a scrimmage if the backup quarterbacks don’t turn in better QBRs than the starter?

Leave it to Chris Conley to deliver the “she’s got a nice personality” summary of the day:

He was impressed with Ramsey’s “cannon” of an arm and that the mobile Bauta wanted to play in a regular jersey and have contact.


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6 responses to ““Faton and Brice are battling it out.”

  1. IDK, but the “cannon” arm always dazes me a little bit. Fauta seems to have his act together and does everything the right way, and coaches love QB’s who can run, that extra dimension.

    I get that. But a gunslinger can be just as dangerous. Brice throws a beautiful ball, too, Especially the deep ball.


  2. Remo Gaggi

    Ace told me that CMR should plan on getting these two utes into games ASAP in 2014 – by whacking patsies out in the first half or be in deep trouble in ’15.


  3. Timphd

    Backups are a combined 5 of 29? Ouch. Hope Hutson stays healthy.


  4. Bulldog Joe

    As always, they’re saving it for G-Day.