“I think right now both guard spots are open or will be.”

We know who will man the left offensive tackle and center spots.  And right now it looks like right tackle is Kolton Houston’s job to lose (although it would be nice to see some sort of viable competition for the position emerge).

But the guard slots… who the hell knows?  Pyke and Kublanow are the right size, but still need polishing.

Kublanow is working this spring on grasping exactly what he has to do, improving his footwork and his hand placement. Pyke said his technique is getting better and he has a better grasp of the plays.

Beard can’t seem to hold down left guard – “Senior Mark Beard began the spring as the starter at left guard and junior Zach DeBell worked that spot Friday and Saturday.” – and DeBell sounds like he needs more time in the weight room.

“When a guy goes right down the middle of him, it’s kind of tough on him at times,” Richt said. “When you’ve got to pull and get out in front of a screen pass or pass protect, people trying to edge rush him, he does very well.”

Your proverbial work in progress, in other words.  I’ll be surprised if we hear anyone’s locked down a start at offensive guard more than a few days before the opener.


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12 responses to ““I think right now both guard spots are open or will be.”

  1. Rp

    DeBell 6-6 273 at guard? I think this officially means that we are just playing every conceivable guy this spring and 1’s, 2’s, and 3’s mean nothing at this point. No wonder our RB’s stat lines looked so bad.

    BTW, 3 carries in the scrimmage for Gurley is plenty.


  2. DawgPhan

    UGA will question marks on the offensive line. Like pollen, just something you deal with.

    I actually prefer the question mark OL years to the years where the OL should be a strength.


  3. Skint

    This might be our worst OL since the Goff days. Neither Houston or Theus played well last year, and now we are playing guys that have very limited or no time at guard. Better get a backup QB ready. Maybe Pruitt can help his buddy out and show him what an OL looks like.


  4. Sanford222view

    How long has DeBell been on campus? Why does he still need significant work in the weight room? I have no clue whether that is on him, the SC program, both, or he has been limited due to injury but that is frustrating to say the least.


  5. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Accountability…. o-line questions…. Groundhog Day?


  6. Keese

    I think the coaches just toy with shuffling the deck to keep the first teamers hungry and third teamers happy and improving…as well as a reality check


    • AthensHomerDawg

      I don’t know Keese. Doesn’t seem to be the prudent thing to do. Toying around. Find a starting set and go with it.