It’s easy to offer when it doesn’t cost anything.

Randy Edsall is a bit miffed with coaches like Les Miles running around tossing scholarship offers out to fourteen-year old prodigies.  He thinks college football needs to do something about that, by damn.  If it were up to him, football scholarships would not be extended to players until a recruit’s senior year of high school and that offer would only come from the university’s admissions department.

Edsall says his plan would still allow for the football staff to do the recruiting and make the sales pitches to determine to which players they want an offer to be extended. Going through the admissions department allows for a sort of extra layer of security to assure all parties involved the player will be able to attend the school without any hassles. In a sense, placing an emphasis on education is Edsall’s goal.

“Figure everything out academically first and then offer,” Edsall said. “Not the other way around. The model to me is broken.”

Uh hunh.  More rules always fix everything.

Whenever this comes up, I keep saying the same thing:  Andy Staples has the right idea.  Make Les’ offers binding on the school, and we’ll see how quickly he keeps handing them out.


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4 responses to “It’s easy to offer when it doesn’t cost anything.

  1. Russ

    Staples’ idea makes too much sense, which is why it won’t work.


  2. South FL Dawg

    I don’t know about Staples’ idea…..if the signee subsequently fails to get accepted is that still counted as a signee? If not, I’m wondering what would prevent the schools from turning down for acceptance the signees that the head coach no longer wants after they were signed. But to say they all count towards the 25…..I don’t think it’s possible to make the admissions decision that early and hokd the university to it.


  3. ME

    How about “no scholarships may be offered UNTIL the student athlete meets NCAA minimum requirements, is certified by the NCAA clearinghouse, & is accepted by the school”. Make them graduate 1st. How about “no recruiting” by schools & make the kids compete for a scholarship by sending in an application for a athletic scholarship. Each school may pay to evaluate no more than 50 applicants per year for football. Coaches may go watch/evaluate applicants with NO personal contact with applicants or their high school coaches.

    These are high school kids. Sick of seeing them develop attitudes of entitlement because schools compete/drool over them.


  4. Macallanlover

    I am with Edsall on this, feel players should be rising Seniors before they can be offered. Easier to throw offers out when you know you can oversign.