Monday morning buffet

As you might expect, there’s a little extra union-y seasoning in the chafing dishes this morning.


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9 responses to “Monday morning buffet

  1. 202dawg

    Sounds like Hutson’s been reading the blogs. How else would he know to compare himself to Cox so closely? That, or he’s been watching Ramsey and Park sling it… The snark is strong with that one methinks


  2. 202dawg

    Another thing; that SN list irks the hell out of me. They obviously have a hard on for guys who went on to greatness in the pros (save for Pollack and Greene). Does it really make sense to leave the SEC’s all time leading passer (in most categories) out? Shameful…


    • McTyre

      Yep. Just ore “tackling fuel” for Aaron as he tries to make in at the next level.


    • Macallanlover

      Agree, Murray should have been first QB in any all-time UGA list. I get it that Greene was a terrific leader, solid QB, and played an important role in Georgia history, but I think his rating on this list was due more to timing than talent. AM could do more and played with less talent around him.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Smooth move by the Vandy professor: “As a result, the private school players could unionize but their grievances would be minor, whereas the public school players may not be able to unionize to remedy their considerable exploitation.”

    Ball’s in your court, Nick.


    • Bulldog Joe

      Nick doesn’t have time for this shit. Plenty of UA boosters are already “representing” the players projected to be on the two-deep.

      Across the state, it’s been reported the AU players are “represented” by their chaplain.

      It’s all good.


  4. I thought the SN did a pretty good job with the list. ANY all-time Top-10 list of Georgia players is going to be full of household names, there’ve been so many great ones. Few, if any, schools have had more.

    So the thing that always stands out with a list like this is, look who isn’t on it. A second ten list would have great players on it as well.


  5. Slaw Dawg

    A top 10 UGA Football player list without Fran Tarkenton? Say what?


    • Yeah, and similarly, there are others. Tarkenton would be on the list of many schools. He was an AP All-American in 1960, and All-SEC in ’59 & ’60.

      I saw Tarkenton play in Athens, and he was good. But many people don’t know that, in his first two years of varsity ball, he split time with Charlie Britt.

      Because of that, and while he was very good, and a heckuva player, and had the field all to himself his senior year, at the time he wasn’t the sensation at Georgia that he later became.

      And that’s not taking anything away from Fran. He is one of the Georgia greats. It’s just there’s so many of them.