For love of the game

Venric Mark, a Northwestern running back and former teammate of Kain Coulter, is a little ambiguous about that whole union thing.

Mark refused to disclose whether he signed a union card in January before Colter and CAPA unveiled their plan.

“Guys did sign cards supporting Kain and what he’s trying to do and his movement, but at the end of the day, as I stated, everything outside of our locker room is outside of our locker room,” Mark said. “And so some guys signed, some guys didn’t. I don’t know if people kind of knew what they were going to get into, if they thought it was going to turn out the way it did.

Fine, nobody’s holding a gun to his head.  Except he then lets loose with the Freudian slip of the day.

“But at the end of the day, now it’s time to get back to work. We have a job here, and we understand that. Kain’s no longer on this football team.”  [Emphasis added.]

Mark Emmert is confused.


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  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    “We have a job here…” Seems the NLRB agrees. Nothing shocking to me that everybody on the team did not sign a pledge card…these kids have jobs, after all. It is a lot easier for kids who are gone from the program to take leadership roles.

    My impression is that the coach at Northwestern is none to excited about all this union binness, which could explain the RB’s seeming reluctance to talk about things.


  2. AusDawg85

    Is Kain able?


  3. MikeInValdosta

    Lots of people. perhaps a majority, have a job to do an don’t wish to be a part of a union.</b?

    I can only assume a good, or above average, lawyer, desires to be compensated upon his worth, not his accumulative days of showing up. I would guess an hope filled American would also want the same.

    No way in hell college athletes receive collective bargaining powers without collective ceilings. The collective ceiling is the downfall of American unions. Not to mention the gift horse killer affect, Any Eastern pilots reading this blog? That is what the real professional leagues are for. You know, the one with mid-season cuts and free-agents that only need be capable of doing the job sans any academic requirements.


    • What’s that got to do with the point of my post?


    • Gaskilldawg

      College athletes already have a collective ceiling. They have had a collective ceiling for over sixty years since the colleges instituted the “Sanity Rules ” creating and defining athletic scholarships. Those defined and capped benefits were not the result of any union activity.
      As far as your concern for the Northwestern players, they are not putting a ceiling on what Northwestern will pay because play for pay WILL NOT BE ON THE TABLE as an issue between an individual college and its athletes. Northwestern belongs to the NCAA and the Big Ten conference. Both are voluntary organizations which have rules regarding player eligibility and regarding against whom its members can play. NCAA andconference rules do not allow Northwestern to schedule an OOC conference game against the Chicago Bears or Wisconsin against the Green Bay Packers. Northwestern and its players will not negotiate over a benefit which will make it forfeit its season.

      Pay for Play will happen at the Association level, not by bargaining between individual colleges and its players.

      I don’t recall any other sports blot topic generating this volume of regurgitated talking points substituting for reasoned analysis.


      • I don’t recall any other sports blot topic generating this volume of regurgitated talking points substituting for reasoned analysis.

        The Senator merely figured out that copying the Fox News model would boost his clicks. Anybody think it’s a coincidence he posted on the rise in traffic at the site yesterday? 😉


  4. Gaskilldawg

    Good one!