The derp, it burns.

There are a few “never start a land war in Asia”-type rules I try to follow when surfing the Intertubes for grist for the GTP mill – don’t click on Bleacher Report slide shows, don’t look at the AJ-C comment threads, etc. – but at the top of my list is to avoid reading what Clay Travis writes.

I broke my rule today.

In my defense, I couldn’t help it.  I admit it; I got sucked in with this provocative header.

I really should have known better. Travis, after all, is the guy who thought NCAA amateurism made Cecil Newton blameless.  So it’s really no huge leap to go from that to arguing that Northwestern should just go ahead and pay its football players because all that will happen as a result is that the NCAA will be “upset”.  I’m not kidding.  “Sure, the NCAA would be upset, but what do you want Northwestern to do, not comply with federal law? The NCAA is a voluntary organization, its rules have no force of law.”

Perhaps SMU can tell Travis about what happens when the NCAA gets upset about players getting paid.  Jeebus.

It’s truly pathetic that a college kid like Kolton Houston has a better grasp on the relationship between schools, the NCAA and student-athletes than that.

My only hope for Travis is that this was a feeble attempt at a April Fools column.


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  1. 69Dawg

    I believe that an association that requires it’s members to break a law would qualify that Association for a little RICCO action. I don’t think the NCAA would dare kick Northwestern out and open that can of worms. That said the NCAA might just be dumb enough to try it.


    • It’s not a law. There’s a NLRB ruling that nowhere states the players must be paid. In fact, Colter has expressly acknowledged that they’re not seeking payment from the school because they know it would be an NCAA violation.


  2. Dog in Fla

    “So why can’t Northwestern, a school long known for progressive and intelligent thought, make the smart decision here and negotiate a new deal with its football players?”

    For the same reason Vanderbilt can’t get its murals right as shown in the second of Clay’s Duality of Man April’s Fool posts and this one comes with a picture

    “Of course, the murals have never been entirely accurate reflections, Vanderbilt basketball coach Kevin Stallings bears an unflattering resemblance to Sloth from “Goonies,” but up to this point there’s been no suggestion that there was any connection to minstrelsy.”


  3. wnc dawg

    Travis knows exactly what he’s doing. I really doubt he believes this, just like I really doubt he believes a lot of what he writes. I have a rule to avoid him also, and find it hilarious that I don’t know if it’s an AFD joke or not. To adapt a great line- He works in trolling the way other artists might work in oils or clay. It is his true medium.

    I’m not sure, but I think he’s a lawyer.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Clay is a Vandy law grad. Bluto went to Virginia. Both pretty heavy hitters law schools. I’ve read a hand full of what Clay writes. Meh. I don’t think I’ve missed very many of Bluto’s blogs. Clay has authored a few books and has done well with that. King ran a blog and turned writer. Hope he does well. He’s very fair minded and well liked. I think Bluto needs to write a book. I would be remiss not to offer up what I would like to read from him. So with that… “White Stripes and Assholes. A detailed look into game changers by SEC Refs.”
      On the cover a picture of a ref huddle with donkey heads.
      Media blitz song.

      Go for it Bluto. I’m often paid for my creativity. You get it for free. 😉
      When you get your book deal …DIF needs an Eldorado. I just want a signed copy. 😉


      • Dog in Fla

        Sure, who doesn’t need an El Dorado or maybe even a Citroën because dreamers always got to dream…


    • Dog in Fla

      However, after today’s egregious minstrelsy post, on behalf of Derek Mason Vanderbilt is expected to issue a mandate to Clay that he turn his diploma to the wall for a period of not less than 30 days and think about the Theatre of Space to get his mind right and how could he could ever marry a cheerleader anyway…is that true and, if so, was it an arranged marriage


  4. Tom

    I live near Nashville TN. Clay Travis is on the radio 3 hrs each weekday.
    I now turn to another station when that show is on. He is full of himself and believes what he says, and he is always right. In his mind.

    Not an April fools blog. Just him.


    • Maybe you can help, I read an article of his about a month ago (and like it seems is the case with most of us, little to nothing before and nothing since that reading). But in it he talked about what he’d do if he were a judge in the Union case, and heavily implied that he IS a judge and knows such things. Is he really a judge up there? Because that’d be kind of scary.


  5. dawg3fan4

    Answer number one to why NW couldn’t pay the football players (putting aside NCAA violation) is that due to title IX it would have to pay every female athlete on campus the same. That would start adding up pretty quick. Sure schools don’t want to pay any player but if it just came down to football alone my guess is they would have already done something more but what schools make on football is pennies compared to the federal dollars they get and as long as they take any federal money at all they must be title IX compliant.


  6. Steve Montgomery

    Senator, As Tom says you should hear him on the radio. I refuse to listen to the show any longer. He just an internet troll trying to drive traffic to his website. I also live in Middle Tennessee and some of the things he says are unbelievable.