“I’ve got to scale him back a little bit and tell him, ‘Hey, don’t do that.’”

Keith Marshall abides.

Tailback Keith Marshall is “a lot further along” in practice than running backs coach Bryan McClendon expected, he said.

The junior is getting treatment at least twice a day after tearing the ACL in his right knee against Tennessee on Oct. 5 and is pushing what he can do at practice.

He’s out there drillin’ with the rest of the backs.

If he plays this season, that’ll make for a helluva comeback from a brutal injury.  Fingers crossed…


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7 responses to ““I’ve got to scale him back a little bit and tell him, ‘Hey, don’t do that.’”

  1. DawgPhan

    Watching 4 go through there and then 44 go through is a little funny.


  2. Russ

    No reason he shouldn’t be ready to go this season, as long as he doesn’t push too hard too early. I’d love to see him have a good year and a great career.


    • Otto

      Agreed, and even if he isn’t ready at the beginning of the season IMO he should play later in the year (assuming he is medically ready). As we learned with Moreno, RBs have a short career and the RS will likely just be a burned year.


      • Particularly since either way, I assume he’s back and starting next year when Gurley goes pro. So redshirt him, and he leaves next year as a junior. Or don’t and get what special plays he can make this year, and he still starts and leaves after next year but as a senior and not junior.


      • AthensHomerDawg

        Tough to decide really. That wasn’t a Murray type blown acl– his had some hyper extension involved there as well. Kinda surprised he is where he is rehab wise. Watching his drill his propriception is very good. I couldn’t couldn’t tell the difference between legs watching his step and stride. We have some unknown commodities coming in at RB. I say work him gently behind Todd this year(change up/pass game) and see if he can hold off the young guns at some point in the future.


      • Bulldog Joe


        Given our recent history with injuries, having Marshall game-ready may win us a game the second half of the season.


  3. Geez, look at that drill. That Marshall has some heart now, and his work ethic is as good as it gets. Godspeed to him.