Mark Richt has lost control over random ESPN lists.

You gotta love it – here’s a list of the fourteen SEC programs, ranked in order of having “the most to accomplish this spring”.  Georgia’s smack dab in the middle, with this description:

Georgia: Jeremy Pruitt should breathe some new life into a struggling Georgia defense. Having Hutson Mason to replace Aaron Murray helps as well. But off-the-field problems continue to plague Mark Richt’s program. With stars such as Todd Gurley, the players are there. The pieces just need to come together. [Emphasis added.]

Guess how many other programs he cites as having off-the-field problems.  You don’t really need to guess, do you?


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  1. Throwing our junk out there for all the public to see. Its the Georgia way. Here ESPN. Your welcome.

  2. 202dawg

    Interesting; that ‘struggling program’ was 1 play/5 yards from playing for a MNC season before last…

    • PTC DAWG

      It says our defense has struggled, and I agree.

      • 202dawg

        Good catch PTC. Agreed here also. Went into ‘over defensive Georgia fan’ mode for a sec…

    • 5 yards away on one side. 350 yards away on the other side. Same difference.

      • Otto

        If the offense would have made a drive at 4:30 remaining in the game rather than giving up 8 years, the defense would have never come in to play.

        • Otto

          autocorrect *8 yards

          • But it did, because it’s a team game. I’m just tired of that 5 yards line. It ignores the vast amount of things that went right and went wrong in that game, and ignores a lot of the reasons we had ourselves in that position of needing 5 more yards in the dying seconds to win both pro and con.

            • Bob

              When you score 28 on Bama during their National Championship season and you give up 350 yards running the ball with amazing ease, the defense DOES come into play.

            • JonDawg

              You can be tired of it all you want, but realize that sentiment is true in the eyes of many Dawg fans. While I was watching a team that was over-matched on one side (our D line and backers against their O line and backs) I was also watching my Dawgs give them just about all they could handle, and agree with me or not, I think our play in that game got alot of peoples attention. No one gave us a chance pre-game. Just like when we beat UF, nobody gave us a chance before the kickoff..

              • Otto

                Never said the defense didn’t come into play. The defense came up short. The offense came up just as short by going 3 and out more than once. As Sanchez says it is a team game, I’m tired of the 5 yards short as well. Just as in Coach PJ’s lone win over UGA, both sides of the ball took the 3rd qtr off.

              • Some people are happy with moral victories. I’m not one of them. Making excuses about why we “almost won” still means we lost, and make no mistake that we lost that game. We can’t blame bad calls like AJ Green celebrating or targeting against Vandy. We can’t blame an unlucky tip on that 5 yards, just like it wasn’t an unlucky fingertip with Terrance Edwards. That SEC C game was one Georgia lost, plain and simple, because they couldn’t get the job done. Bama was better than we were, and proved on the field and on the scoreboard. 5 yards may as well have been 500.

    • Bulldog Joe

      Reminds me of good ole one-play-away Ray.

      The five-yards meme has run its course. Means nothing now.

  3. John Denver is full of shit...

    “Media” loves to point at what christian’s are doing wrong.
    Mark Richt has a glass house in that regard and the Tee Vee is all too accustomed to throwing stones at it.

    Also, Bob Iger is the antithesis of Walt Disney.

  4. Timphd

    “Georgia, the only college football team with players who get in trouble”. The meme that won’t die.

    • Because we have an institutional policy that feeds it.

      • Timphd

        You’re ignoring the recently publicized issues at schools like the Barn and TA&M. Those kids are having “off the field issues” too but nobody seems to care. It’s not institutional in the sense those schools didn’t bury the stories (they couldn’t because it made the press), it’s just that it wasn’t at UGA. Herbstriet doesn’t tweet when it’s the Barners or TA&M. Only when it’s UGA. That’s my point.

        • But many schools do bury the story. They handle it internally. Some of the stories get out. Some don’t. They all get out with UGA tho. It seems that way anyway.

        • Bulldog Joe

          Stories get out at all universities.

          The difference is the other universities’ coaching stuffs use these incidents as opportunities to make the team better through extra conditioning work by the offending player. The player is not excused from working on game day.

          We give the offending player days off from working with the first team throughout the week and from working at all on game day.

          This is why off-the-field problems continue to plague Mark Richt’s program and not the others.

  5. Bulldawg165

    “Having Hutson Mason to replace Aaron Murray helps as well.”

    Is he trolling?

    • Bulldawg165

      nevermind. I think he was trying to compliment Mason as opposed to bashing Murray. My bad. Time for my afternoon coffee…

    • Bulldog Joe

      You know Mason outplayed Murray several G-Days ago…

      Yes. He is trolling.

  6. Mark Richt has lost control of SEC RB’s.

  7. Debby Balcer

    They come to a conclusion and twist facts or ignore them to support their conclusions.